Five To Remember: Chiefs vs Dolphins

Five To Remember: Chiefs vs Dolphins

What stood out in KC's loss to Miami? Josh Scotten looks at five to remember.

Beat Downs

Falling 31-3 is never going to be viewed as a positive, but this loss is even worse than losing a competitive game. But in the Chiefs' four losses this season, only against the Chargers could the Chiefs say they were competitive. In four losses, the team has been outscored 140-30. The Chiefs are not just losing, they are getting thoroughly dominated.

I understand the praise towards Todd Haley for what he has been able to accomplish with this squad but his teams have been woefully unprepared on too many occasions this season dating all the way back to training camp. If there is one indisputable offense worthy of losing his job, it is this.

Offensive Line Struggles

After becoming one of the most improved units over the 2011 season, the Chiefs' offensive line played their worst game of the season Sunday against the Dolphins. The line gave up a season high five sacks and kept quarterback Matt Cassel on the run all day. In fact, Matt Cassel finished the game as the Chiefs' second leading rusher, just two yards behind Jackie Battle's 40 yards.

The more this offensive line struggles the more you have to question the decision to let multi-time Pro Bowler Brian Waters walk up to New England. The Chiefs have some young players on the line that could turn into consistent contributors, but KC's brass may have overestimated the abilities of Jon Asomoah and Rodney Hudson. I can't say that having Waters on this roster would have changed this season's outcome, but I bet Matt Cassel wouldn't have any complaints.

Steve Breaston

After a slow start to the season, wide receiver Steve Breaston has come on as of late. He played his best game as a Chief in one of the team's worst losses of the season, with seven catches for 115 yards.

The talk this week from many in the local media was centered around opening up the passing game and putting the ball in the playmakers' hands. But with the Chiefs' offensive line struggling, we saw today why this plan has been avoided by the coaching staff. Although Breaston's contributions are certainly positive for the future of this team, today his efforts were in vain.

Loss of Momentum

After scrapping together four straight wins, the passion was back at Arrowhead and Chiefs Nation showed up in droves. Unfortunately, the fire that was reignited over the past few weeks was snuffed out and looks to be a long way from warming up again. What we saw coming into the Stadium Sunday was a fan base thirsty for a winning team. You just have to look across the state line to see how much a Kansas City sports fan is willing to spend on a deserving franchise (i.e. Sporting KC).

Let's face it, the Chiefs peaked last Monday night and are likely done getting consistent support from their fan base. Who could blame them? The Chiefs let a poor, winless Miami team come into their stadium and knock them around. No other game the Chiefs will play this season should be more in the team's favor. Short of fans looking to avoid the blackout, I can't see any reason for fans to show up and support the product.

Defensive Coordinator Romeo Crennel

He's taken much praise over the teams last five games. But on Sunday against the Miami Dolphins, he didn't make the second half adjustments that were the staple of the team's turnaround this season.

Crennel has certainly earned his reputation to serve up a few mulligans this season. But the one on Sunday stings a lot. How do you let former Oregon State quarterback Matt Moore, owner of five hapless NFL seasons, beat you so soundly all four quarters?

That's cause for significant concern heading toward next week's game at home versus the Denver Broncos. No matter which quarterback plays next weekend against the Chiefs at home - Tim Tebow, Brady Quinn or Chiefs killer Kyle Orton - each of them is a better quarterback than Moore.

Five to remember.

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