Dolphins Part the Red Sea

Dolphins Part the Red Sea

Okay Arrow-Heads… We knew this day would come. The Chiefs were spanked by the previously winless Fins at home 31-3. The score is only part of the story and believe me I will go into my assessment of the many problems I saw during the game and why I think we'll see several more games wind up like this in the next several weeks.

There is no question now that Todd Haley is not preparing this squad adequately. I'm not advocating that he turn into a taskmaster but these guys get paid handsomely and for what they cost the Hunts, there should be far more consistent production than the debacle we just witnessed.

1st Quarter

Considering the first series of the first quarter was the ONLY scoring drive by the Chiefs, I'll get into a little detail. Bill Muir started Matt Cassel out pretty aggressively with two straight pass plays and the big surprise, Jackie Battle, was given the ball on this drive and actually made a dent in the Dolphins line. Battle converted a first down, Cassel tucked it in and scrambles for a few and Thomas "Two Yards" Jones runs for five and also converts a first down.

All this action leads the red and gold to a 43-yard field goal attempt which Ryan Succop nails and the Chiefs draw first blood. 3-0 Kansas City.

Miami starts their series strong with a second down catch from Matt Moore to Brandon Marshall for 30 yards and the fish men are marching. Miami can't do much more and end up punting the ball back to Kansas City. The Chiefs go three and out on this possession and they punt it back to the Fins.

Miami starts their next series by Moore almost getting picked by Brandon Flowers. Moore completes a 20 yarder to Marshall. The Chiefs defense is starting to look flat. They are not getting any line pressure and Tamba Hali is getting double teamed. I'm not sure what's going on but I can tell the Miami offensive line is doing a great job and keeping defenders from getting close to Moore.

This quarter ends up with a Moore to Anthony Fasano toss for a touchdown. They convert the point after and it's 7-3 Miami.

2nd Quarter

This quarter was more about Miami's offense and definitely less about Kansas City's defense. For some reason, and I think it's more about a dominating offense line than anything else, the Chiefs are getting zero line pressure. There hasn't been one effective defensive play that has allowed for any quarterback pressure, let alone anything close to a sack.

Moore connects with Charles Clay for consecutive strikes. One for 21 and the other for 22 yards. The Chiefs secondary is getting smoked and Romeo Crennel's defensive game plan doesn't look like its getting executed, especially by the linebackers. Derrick Johnson won't be getting any player of the week awards for sure.

Moore hits Fasano again for another touchdown and its 14-3 Miami. This thing is starting to get out of hand.

The Chiefs get the ball back and the Dolphins get all kinds of pressure. Cassel can't get anything going and is getting hurried, knocked down and is getting flushed out of the pocket on nearly every snap. He will get sacked a total of four times before the half. The Kansas City offensive line is breaking down and leaking so often that Paula Dean can use them as a sieve. The Kansas City defense can't get any line penetration and the secondary is not picking up coverage. Miami's tight ends are getting open at will. I think this will end up being a long afternoon for the red and gold.

Cassel actually hits Steve Breaston for a couple of strikes before the end of the half and Dexter McCluster manages to break a 15 yard run. The Chiefs really looked outmatched the majority of the first half. I'm disappointed in what appears to be a lackluster effort and the players are looking gassed after every play. You'd think this team would understand what a trap game is yet it is looking like they are getting taken to the wood shed.

We know one thing…Miami has had the lead in all of their losses even going into the fourth quarter. We'll see if the Chiefs come back after the break a little re-energized and can get something before dinnertime.

3rd Quarter

Miami starts the half going three and out and hopefully the Chiefs can keep up the pressure. McCluster gets a 21-yard punt return and outs the Chiefs in Miami territory early in the third.

Unfortunately it's not to be. Battle tries to get going but ends up getting stuffed for losses on two runs. Cassel is sacked for the fifth time. The Chiefs try for a 52-yard field goal attempt and Dustin Colquitt muffs the snap and ends up fumbling and Miami recovers.

The Dolphins take over. Moore hits Reggie Bush for 23 yards. The Chiefs are starting to get a little touchy and Tamba Hali gets flagged for unnecessary roughness.

Moore hits Marshall with a 14 yard touchdown strike and its 21-3 Miami. The route is on… Kansas City goes three and out on their next possession.

Reggie Bush is the star on this series. He breaks consecutive runs of 17 and 28 yards and scores on the 28 yarder. 28-3 Miami. The Chiefs have never come back from a greater than 18 point deficit. The Chiefs will lose this game, I have no doubt.

The Kansas City defense has completely disappeared. There is absolutely no pressure on the Miami offensive line. None. The KC defense is not even challenging the line. Crennel needs to fix this if there is any hope that this defense will rise into the top half of the NFL.

4th Quarter

Into the last period of regulation, the Chiefs look totally outmatched. It's sad to say but I knew this was coming. Crennel's defense looks like the defense of the first three games. No opportunistic looks, no confusing the offense. There is zero ability to disguise the blitzes. This thing flat looks bad.

Miami takes over on downs from the Chiefs last series and they march down the field. Moore to Marshall for 13 yards. Bush scampers for another 17. Moore to Marshall for 12 and then he's deflected but no pick. Miami is in range and they bang through a 42-yard field goal and its 31-3 Miami.

Now that it's garbage time, the Chiefs show signs of life. No strong heartbeat, just a little breath before the end. Cassel completes a 16-yarder to Dwayne Bowe. A nice catch and run to Bowe for 31. McCluster gets four on the ground, Cassel to Keary Colbert for five and then he takes a shot at Breaston in the end zone only to have it broken up. McCluster gets five on the ground and the Chiefs turn it over on downs.

Miami goes three and out and the Chiefs finish the game with a stalled drive. 31-3 and the Chiefs take a whipping at home.


Where to start… As I said earlier, the flaws of this team are many and none can be fixed quickly. I've talked about depth, play calling and game planning. I've talked about preparation and consistency. The Chiefs have shown us one thing clearly, they are consistently inconsistent. There is no unpredictability to it, they are just inconsistent. If they have any chance at doing anything this year other than playing a very average brand of professional football, they need to do an organizational gut check and see if they have what it takes to rise up (for real this time) and do what it takes to play winning football.

I'm not talking about refining game plans and designing Al Saunders-type plays. I'm simply saying that it's time for a big, old-fashioned, father-son-type chat with the players and coaches. It needs to come from the top and the message needs to be clear.

Clark Hunt needs to check his selection method for management personnel. Scott Pioli needs to check his personnel acquisition process and find the players this team needs. Todd Haley needs to…well…you'll need to read the magazine to see what I say about the coach.

This team in its current form needs to change again. In any organization there are periods of growth and periods of stagnation. We all know what period we're in right now.

I have faith that Clark Hunt will find a winning formula. This organization and this city deserves no less for the support it has been given by Chiefs fans from all over the world.

Will the Broncos part the Red Sea this Sunday?

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