Reality in Kansas City

Reality in Kansas City

There is no getting around certain opinions towards the Kansas City Chiefs. What has to be considered is the reality of the current situation. The Chiefs are sitting at 5-7 and third place in the AFC West with four games to go. The next four games are against teams that may or may not end up in the playoffs.

Could this team suddenly rise up and win out? It's not beyond the realm of possibility, but let me explain the challenge.

The Chiefs have the 27th overall rated offense as it sits today. The offensive line is rated 20th in the league while the Jets have the 7th rated defense. The Packers have the 31st rated defense. The Raiders have the 26th rated defense and the Broncos have the 24th rated defense. Except for the Packers, there is a statistical challenge.

Let's explore the other side of the ball. The Chiefs have the 20th overall rated defense. The Jets have the 26th rated offense and the 16th line. The Packers have the 4th rated offense and the 21st line. The Raiders have the 12th rated offense and the 5th line. The Broncos have the 25th offense and the 17th line.

It would seem the biggest challenge would be in beating the Raiders. Here in lies the problem. The intangibles are actual player success. Let's see how the Chiefs stack up at skill positions.

The Chiefs passing offense is 30th in the league. The Jets are 7th against the pass. The Packers are 31st against the pass. The Raiders are 17th against the pass and the Broncos are 23rd. Kansas City has a very narrow margin against the Packers but Green Bay is 12-0.

The Chiefs rushing offense is rated 9th in the league. The Jets are 15th against the run. The Packers are 13th against the run. The Raiders are 28th against the run and the Broncos are 20th. It would seem that the Chiefs have the edge in rushing over all of the remaining games.

Let's see where the Chiefs are against the skill positions. Kansas City is rated 12th in passing defense. The Jets have the 20th rated passing offense. The Packers have the 3rd rated passing offense. The Raiders have the 16th rated passing offense and the Broncos have the 31st. Looks like the only real challenge is Green Bay.

The Chiefs are 25th in rushing defense. The Jets have the 24th rated run game. The Packers are rated at 29th. The Raiders are 4th and the Broncos are the top team in rushing. The Packers and Jets are a possibility in beating the run.

Statistically, the Chiefs could win against the Jets this week and in a huge upset, the Packers next week. The possibility of beating both the Raiders and Broncos at this point seems statistically remote BUT if everyone comes to play, you never know what happens on any given Sunday.

What also needs to be considered is consistency. That's one of the major problems the Chiefs have been unable to surmount. One week the offense does enough and other weeks the offense looks like they'd rather play on Friday nights.

The defense, on the other hand, while not a mirror of consistency, is closer to where they should be than the offense.

I know I've been hard on this team since they started losing but I have to place blame where blame is due. Todd Haley has not been effective this year and most of that is on him. Letting Charlie Weis go was a mistake. Scott Pioli could have done the right thing and made sure Weis wasn't going to be tempted to go elsewhere. Much of that was because of Pioli's allegiance to Haley.

Bringing in Jim Zorn as the quarterbacks coach has not materialized into better quarterback play and Bill Muir has been unable to focus on the offensive line because of the misguided attempt at making him an offensive coordinator.

I will maintain that apart from one great year in Arizona (as a coordinator) and one decent year here, Todd Haley is highly overmatched as a head coach. In all seven games the Chiefs have lost, the chess game was won by the better player.

Could I be surprised by the effort in the next four games? Absolutely, but I refuse to be blind to the issues that confront this team and I will call them on it as I see it.

There is a real possibility that the Chiefs could go 7-9. Right now that's the best I can see based on previous play. As they say, past performance is an indicator of future success.

Do you believe the Chiefs can run the table the rest of the way?

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