Chiefs Punchless in NYC

Chiefs Punchless in NYC

I'm not sure what to make of the Kansas City Chiefs' performance on Sunday in New York against the Jets. But one thing is certain - until midway through the third quarter, this team showed no life.

The Chiefs might be looking for a new head coach this week. We saw a team that wasn't prepared for New York's dink and dunk offense, insisted on constantly dropping sackmaster Justin Houston into pass coverage and, to add insult to injury, drew laughs from the CBS television crew after a botched onside kick.

But Haley doesn't get the blame for all of that. Defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel, so good for three games in a row, was terrible Sunday. The Jets offense, led by quarterback Mark Sanchez, was content to run the ball and move the ball through the air with short completions to running backs.

The Chiefs never really adjusted. Play after play, the Chiefs linebackers were slow to react to Sanchez and that killed Kansas City more than the penalties they were flagged for throughout the game. Crennel should have been more aggressive with the few playmakers he has on his defense.

Offensively, Chiefs quarterback Tyler Palko really didn't get anything going until the second half. In the first two quarters, he was horrific, leading the Chiefs to a whopping total of four yards. The Chiefs' game plan, according to CBS Broadcasters, was to get Palko out of the pocket, use his legs and open up some passing lanes.

But nothing worked until the Chiefs were down 28-3. At that point the Jets defense, which played their starters until late in the game, could have gone with their second and third stringers and the end result would have been the same.

The end result was that, for the sixth game in a row, the Chiefs scored no more than 10 points. That's a fireable offense an offensive mind like Haley.

That aside, there are still three games left to play in the 2011 season. The Chiefs need to evaluate their players despite the fact they're playing three good teams in the Green Bay Packers, Oakland Raiders and Denver Broncos. To do that, they need to make changes.

Quarterback Kyle Orton or Ricky Stanzi must take the field in the final three games. The Tyler Palko experiment is over, and he probably shouldn't even be on an NFL roster.

What the Chiefs showed Sunday afternoon was that they aren't able to compete with good teams in the NFL. Sure, they can hang in there for awhile. But over four quarters they've been unable to compete play in and play out.

That falls on the head coach. The road out of this disaster must be traveled by general manager, Scott Pioli. But will he choose the right direction? That remains to be seen.

The bottom line is that what is happening to the Chiefs now can't continue. Had the Jets not eased up off the gas late in Sunday's game, the final score could have been worse than 37-10.

What happens next will define Pioli's legacy in Kansas City. It will also test the patience of KC's fan base, which has lost hope in a return to the playoffs. Sides have been taken in the keep-or-fire-Haley debate.

Reality has set in. The Chiefs won't be defending their AFC West Championship and the organization either has to fire its head coach or make it known he'll be back in 2012.

What did you think about the Chiefs' terrible loss?

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