The Change We Asked For, Revisited

The Change We Asked For, Revisited

The official press conference announcing the dismissal of Todd Haley as head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs was telling in more ways than the words that were spoken.

Do not be mistaken in any way - Scott Pioli is a businessman. The manner in which he conducted himself was professional, measured and concise. He did not run on with answers . He did not waffle nor display any inkling of second guessing his decision.

Clark Hunt was fully supportive and was his usual business-like self. These attributes seem to bother many fans and reporters alike. It seems to me that these same folks like to either generate sensation or desire to stimulate the emotional side of the fan base.

The on-field product produces enough emotion without the front office chiming in. This is what typically leads to the downfall of many a general manager. We can look to Matt Millen and his time in Detroit. We can look to the likely firing of A.J. Smith in San Diego and the list goes on.

We all have to remember the simple fact that this is a human-oriented entertainment business. There is no magic to the manner in which business is conducted. It follows time-proven conventions and the people that enjoy the greatest success exploit those conventions effectively.

What I'm talking about is the day to day decision making that places an organization in the right spot for success. Scott Pioli understands that in order for the Kansas City Chiefs to enjoy success, then decisions have to be made effectively.

Pioli admitted that he has not done a particularly effective job in constructing the roster. He stated that he needs to do a better job and he's holding himself accountable. That he is willing to accept the blame is telling. That admission shows that he has fessed up to the boss and probably has taken some lumps because of it. How he will hold himself accountable ultimately is anybody's guess but I think he'll do what he needs to do and he has Clark's tacit support.

The Hunt family has invested a great deal in the success of Scott Pioli. Not only is he is the highest paid GM in the league, he has a great deal of authority at One Arrowhead Drive. To quote the character of Mr. Wing in the original Gremlins movie: "With great power comes great responsibility."

I believe Pioli has tasted the bitter tang of failure and he wants to make it right. Obviously the Hunts can be forgiving to a fault based on past issues but that was more due to Lamar Hunt's good nature. With Clark at the helm, Pioli will get another chance to make it right and it may be his only chance.

We'll find out over the next season or two whether or not Pioli was a product of the perfect storm in New England or whether the perfect storm was conjured up by Pioli. I don't believe Bill Belichick did all of it on his own and you can look at the last couple of seasons and see the Patriots have not enjoyed the extreme success they did when Pioli was part of the organization.

There are many moving parts to this thing and getting them in the right place is not an easy task. We'll hear the rumors of all the different head coach candidates. Some will be smokescreens while others will be legitimate. One fact that won't escape is who it will be until Pioli is ready to release his choice.

I can assure you that Scott Pioli's decision to fire Todd Haley was as much a strategic move as it was a business decision. Being on the leading edge of the coaching search places a lot of cards in his pocket. There are many big names out there that are not part of an NFL team. Several sources are already indicating that contact has been made with several of them.

While we can't predict the future and any possibility remains just that, one thing is certain. The change we asked for is still changing and the result could mean the return of the Kansas City Chiefs to the top of the NFL.

What do you think of Scott Pioli?

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