Where Do The Chiefs Go From Here?

Where Do The Chiefs Go From Here?

The ink is barely dry on the story of KC's win over Green Bay and the emotions are running high.

Romeo Crennel has accomplished in one game what Todd Haley was unable to accomplish in over two and half years. He provided an identity, he provided a quarterback and gave Chiefs fans excitement to start his tenure.

There is no question that Crennel had this team ready. It was obvious from the start of the game that it could turn into something special. The TEAM played like a team. I was especially impressed with the offensive line. They still have problems but they took care of business, prevented sacks and kept Kyle Orton on his feet the majority of the game.

When you can keep your defense on the sidelines and dominate time of possession, you are doing things right. Orton is the current choice and should be the choice going into next season. I believe that he has the right mix of knowledge, skills and ability to make the Chiefs competitive.

I did a story on the statistical positioning of the Chiefs compared to their next opponents. I indicated that they matched up the best with the Packers and would have a reasonable shot at beating them. If the right Aaron Rodgers showed up, it would have been difficult, but we saw an outstanding defensive performance.

Having seen the lackluster offensive efforts of the past few games, I was skeptical that this team would step up. They stepped up in a big way because they believe in Romeo Crennel.

This is where it gets difficult.

While the Chiefs have risen to the occasion (at least for one game) the reality of the business side of things comes to bear. I will never discount the effort of the team and coaches in putting together a solid performance that knocked the best team in the NFL off of their undefeated platform.

Playing with emotion is sometimes enough to out play a statistically superior team. The fact that a team that has experienced the turmoil precipitated by a former head coach with a gigantic ego and terminal coaching arrogance can come out after the cancer has been removed and play their hearts out for an interim head coach is to be admired.

Here is where reality sets in. Romeo Crennel is an excellent defensive mind. He has nothing more to prove on that side of the ball. Scott Pioli wants and needs a face and voice for the Kansas City Chiefs. Clark Hunt would like a head coach that will last at least 10 years.

I can't see Crennel willing to coach into his mid 70s. George Halas and Marv Levy coached until they were 72 and are tied for being the oldest head coaches in NFL history. I'm not saying that it's impossible, it's just not probable.

I believe the Hunts are looking for a head coach that will position the organization for success in the long term and not just for the next couple of years. Towards the end, Carl Peterson was looking for quick fixes by hiring Gunther Cunningham for two years and then Dick Vermeil for five years. The hiring of Herm Edwards and his unsuccessful three years led to Carl Peterson's demise. That was 10 wasted years looking for a quick fix.

Scott Pioli knows the history and Clark Hunt lived it. This mind trust is not going to make that mistake again.

What needs to be understood is that in order for the Chiefs to compete for the playoffs, a plan has to be developed. A plan that requires a high level of commitment and execution. Once a plan is in place then a strategy has to be developed to install that plan. Once a strategy is in place, a set of tactical objectives needs to be developed.

I'm not talking game plans or play calling, I'm talking about business. In order to be successful, an organization needs to position itself accordingly. Finding the missing piece of the puzzle that makes the organization whole is the trick.

It is not unreasonable to consider that the eventual choice that Clark Hunt and Scott Pioli make may not be on staff today. Who will they pick? You know who has been bandied about. The likes of Jeff Fisher, Brian Billick and even Brian Schottenheimer.

Romeo Crennel is a fine defensive coach as history has shown. He was not a particularly good head coach but everyone should get a second shot. He has started to make a case but let's be clear; the decisions Clark Hunt and Scott Pioli make in the next couple of weeks will impact the Chiefs for the next decade.

What direction should the Chiefs go now?

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