Free Agency Prizes: Chiefs Final Four?

Free Agency Prizes: Chiefs Final Four?

With Free Agency set to begin in the NFL on Tuesday afternoon, the Kansas City Chiefs are in a unique position to change their fortunes. They have an abundance of dollars at their disposal and a wish list of players that could alter their chances to win the AFC West. So who should they sign? How about these four!

1. G Carl Nicks (New Orleans) - As the premier Guard in the NFL, it's unimaginable that the New Orleans Saints would let the former Nebraska Cornhusker run amuck in free agency. But after Bounty-Gate and the fact the team franchised their star quarterback Drew Brees, the Saints are a team in chaos.

That means Nicks is about to make a whole lot of money in the NFL and the Kansas City Chiefs might be willing to give him the most coin.

The problem for the Saints is that a year ago they gave Nick's teammate, Guard Jahri Evans, a deal worth $56.7 million. The Chiefs are going to have to surpass those dollars and quite likely would - to get first crack at Nicks on Tuesday.

And Warpaint Illustrated has learned that the Chiefs would like to bring Nicks into Kansas City at the start of free agency. We've been told that there is strong mutual interest in Nick's camp to listen to Kansas City.

If that's the case, let's hope the Chiefs have done their due diligence so well that when the clock strikes 3:00 PM central time, by 3:01 PM, they have Nicks under contract.

Scott Wells would be a perfect center for the Chiefs in 2012 and beyond.
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2. C Scott Wells (Green Bay Packers) - If the Chiefs hope to upgrade their entire offensive line, signing Carl Nicks isn't enough. With Casey Wiegmann's age approaching forty-something, it makes little sense for the team to turn over the starting reigns to second year offensive lineman, Rodney Hudson. Though highly touted, the former Florida State player just isn't ready to be at the center of the Chiefs offensive line.

Wells fits the Chiefs short term needs much better than Hudson. The good news is, like Nicks, Kansas City feels that they can land Wells - provided he doesn't re-sign with the Packers at zero hour.

The downside is that Wells is in his 30's and we all know that carries some risk. But the Chiefs really don't have another option at the center position. Had Hudson been able to get acclimated a year ago with a long offseason, maybe he gets more run as the teams starter in 2012.

But the lockout didn't help any of the Chiefs draft picks. And Hudson needs more time to find his place in Kansas City. For now, if Kansas City can sign Wells, they might have a capable back-up in Hudson. And this team needs depth along the offensive line.

If the Chiefs sign TE Dallas Clark, that might help Peyton Manning decide his future.
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3. TE Dallas Clark (Indianapolis Colts) - Of all the Indianapolis Colts castoffs, he's the one that makes the most sense for the Chiefs to sign. Clark is one of the best third down tight ends in the game. He's also a premier blocker and his style of play perfectly suits the Kansas City Chiefs offense.

Sure if the Chiefs sign him they'd probably have a better chance to land Peyton Manning. But at the moment, that's a big if!

Clark, who was cut by the Colts last week, is free to sign with any team. Thus the Chiefs don't have to wait to nab the talented tight end. By adding Clark to the mix, Kansas City would have a fine compliment to Tony Moeaki. The injury prone third year player has shown flashes of brilliance. But he's coming back from knee surgery and as long as he remains a candidate for the infirmary, the Chiefs have to bring in some insurance.

If the Chiefs are going to revamp the teams offense under new OC Brian Daboll, then they need more production at the tight end position. With the addition of Clark, the Chiefs could run a multitude of two tight end sets that would allow Daboll to have a more diverse offense.

Even, if the quarterback is Matt Cassel or Kyle Orton, having a pair of tight ends that can catch the ball and block is a powerful weapon for the Chiefs offense. And to me, Clark is one of the must signs at the onset of free agency for Kansas City.

The Chiefs need an experienced back-up for Jamaal Charles.
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4. RB BenJarvus Green-Ellis (New England Patriots) - With free agency a day away, reports are surfacing of the Chiefs interest in the soon to be former New England Patriots running back. Kansas City General Manager Scott Pioli enjoys nabbing former Patriots and this time he could hit a home run with Green-Ellis.

Though he wouldn't be my first choice, I'd like to see the Raiders Michael Bush land in Kansas City, Green-Ellis would be a solid compliment to Chiefs All Pro running back, Jamaal Charles.

With Charles coming off knee surgery, the Chiefs must add depth to their backfield. Even though we've heard that Kansas City likes Alabama Running Back Trent Richardson, I find it hard to believe they'll use their first round pick on the talented Crimson Tide All-American.

Green-Ellis has everything the Chiefs want as a back-up. He can be a featured back, catch the ball out of the backfield, block and he doesn't cough up the football. With all that skill, I still can't see why the Patriots are letting him go but they are.

If the Chiefs can land this former Patriot they'd add one more complimentary piece to their offense. One that could give the Chiefs plenty of insurance should Charles start the season slowly.

Would these four offensive free agents help Kansas City in 2012?

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