Out of Bounds: Chiefs Draft Diversion

Out of Bounds: Chiefs Draft Diversion

At #11 the Kansas City Chiefs are in the catbird seat in the first round. Will they keep the pick or trade it? Plus what veterans might they add before the NFL Draft a week from Thursday. On this edition of Out of Bounds, we answer those burning questions and much more.

On Today's show Nick Athan of Warpaint Illustrated and Nick Jacobs of Metro Sports, chat up the players that the Kansas City Chiefs might consider drafting with the 11th overall pick. And should the Chiefs consider trading the pick, they'll give their thoughts and the few teams that might just reach and overpay to slide up into KC's draft slot.

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We break down the players the Chiefs should draft in rounds 1-3 and our sleepers in the later rounds.

Which player do you want the Chiefs to draft in Round #1?

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