Chiefs Draft: Round 1 Memphis DT Dontari Poe

DT Dontari Poe

With pick #11 pick in the first round, the Kansas City Chiefs selected mammoth Memphis defensive tackle, Dontari Poe. He does fill a need. But can Head Coach Romeo Crennel get the best out of a player that didn't face premium players in college?

To say the Chiefs nation is surprised by the selection of the best defensive tackle in this draft, might be understated. At first glance, this is the biggest need for the Chiefs. In three seasons, since General Manager Scott Pioli arrived in Kansas City, they've never had a true nose tackle during his tenure to anchor his 3-4 defense.

Well they do now.

And with their new defensive tackle, the Chiefs have gambled big time that Poe will pay large dividends for the Chiefs defense in 2012. All week long on numerous radio stations I didn't want the Chiefs to do anything sexy in this draft. Just add components to the offensive and defensive line and call it a draft.

However, with Stanford Guard David DeCastro, who lasted until the Steelers selected him at pick #24, still on the board. And with teams like the Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots looking to move up into KC's spot, the Chiefs passed on adding picks as well as upgrading their offense line to shore up the middle of their defense.

It's far too early to say the sky is falling with the selection of the Memphis defensive tackle. But the way the first round began to flow with a plethora of trades, the Chiefs probably made the right decision.

The knock on Poe heading into this draft was that he didn't put maximum effort on every snap at Memphis. Part of that was based on the fact he played three positions along the defensive line. In Kansas City, all he has to do is play one. But his work ethic on the field is a huge red flag. So much so, his stock began to drop. Apparently the Chiefs felt differently.

However, if anyone can get the maximum out of Poe, it's Chiefs Head Coach Romeo Crennel. He was ecstatic after the selection but he might be the only one right now in Kansas City.

Again, it's too early to say if Poe's going to be the next Ryan Sims or B.J. Raji. If it's the latter, this pick will go down as Pioli's best in his four-year tenure in Kansas City. If not, well let's not go there today.

Ask me that question again at the end of the season if the star of the NFL Combines is on the path of greatness in a Chiefs uniform.

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What do you think of the Chiefs first round pick?

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