Croyle Retirement Symbolic of Edward's Era

This week another chapter of the Herm Edwards era in Kansas City came to a close when former Alabama Quarterback Brodie Croyle announced his retirement form the NFL.

When the fuzz on your face is still soft and the twinkle in your eyes is as bright as a star you tend to make hasty, uninformed, and sometime reckless decisions. When young, it's easy to rebound from those bad choices but as you grow, you tend to see the significance in every decision.

You can be right 95 percent of the time but that 5 percent can make or break you. For former Kansas City Chiefs coach Herman Edwards, nothing could be closer to the truth.

As much as many shiver at the thought of a Herm Edwards driven team, the Ol' Ball Coach made some pretty good decisions on behalf of the Chiefs - hindsight being 20/20.

Edwards drafted players like Tamba Hali, Dwayne Bowe, Brandon Albert, Brandon Flowers, and Jamaal Charles. The problem is the one major decision that likely lead to the end of his career in KC: Brodie Croyle.

Brodie Croyle announced this past weekend his intension to retire from NFL after 5 injury plagued and very disappointing seasons.

After drafting Croyle in the 3rd round of the 2006 NFL Draft, Edwards promptly tossed all his eggs into Croyle's poorly woven basket.

Croyle showed plenty of potential in the preseason, enough to have even the most pessimistic of all Chiefs Nation ready to believe their young stud quarterback had finally arrived. But as most that followed Croyle's college career at Alabama, his body just couldn't hold up to NFL standards. Croyle finished his NFL career with a 0-10 win-loss record with eight touchdowns and nine interceptions.

Fast-forward five seasons and it's no surprise to see Herm Edwards breaking down game tape on ESPN while Croyle prepares for life after football.

Now, Chiefs general manager Scott Pioli is in a similar precarious position as Edwards was for his three seasons at Arrowhead.

Pioli has left little dispute that Matt Cassel is HIS man for that job. Other than a brief flirtation with Peyton Manning, the Chiefs have made no overtures at a franchise QB whether via free agency or draft. When Pioli traded away a second round draft choice and anted up a $63 million dollar contract, he like Edwards, put all his eggs in one basket.

Matt Cassel is entering a pivotal season in which will likely make or break both he and Pioli. In fairness, the jury is still open when it comes to Cassel's abilities. Just when you think you get a sense for who Matt Cassel is, he changes gears.

Whether it was the lack of stability in the offensive coaching staff, a hot-cold relationship with his head coach, or pestering injuries, Cassel has plenty of excuses to go around. You just won't hear him use any.

But when Pioli passed on several legit competitors to Cassel's starting job, he committed both the 2012 season, and possibly his KC career, to Cassel.

Pioli has one thing going that Edwards never did, however. For starters, Cassel has a win. Secondly, let's not forget Cassel was a Pro Bowl quarterback in 2010.

Regardless of how you feel about Cassel, with the retirement of Croyle, his worth has already proven valuable. Though we do not yet know whether Pioli's decision to align himself with Cassel is the right one, we do know this: it could be much, much worse.

Would you rather have Matt Cassel or Brodie Croyle as your starter?

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