Unbalanced Loss Concerning

Unbalanced Loss Concerning

Let's hope the adage the third preseason game isn't any indication of what's to come for the Kansas City Chiefs. Because after their 44-14 loss to the Seattle Seahawks, there has to be some concern two weeks shy of the regular season opener.

To be fair, this is still preseason football. The Kansas City Chiefs haven't played well in two games and there hasn't been much game planning the last couple of weeks. But when you get pasted by an average team on your home turf, it's a bit unsettling!

Now I'm not going to get to upset with the loss. However, like a week ago against St. Louis, the Chiefs have not come out of the locker room ready for prime time football.

That does bother me.

Seattle came into Kansas City hell bent on giving rookie Quarterback, Russell Wilson, a chance to beat out veteran, Matt Flynn. If this were the deciding game in that internal battle, the former Wisconsin Badger standout is going to get the nod come opening day for the Seahawks.

On the night, Wilson completed 13 of 19 passes for 185 yards and a pair of touchdown strikes. He also managed to rush for 58 yards on just two carries. Now was that success because he's the second coming of Randall Cunningham or is the Chiefs defense not as advertised.

Well I can eliminate the first one because it's far too early in Wilson's career to compare him with anyone. But on the second item, maybe this Chiefs defense is not as good as we think it should be at this stage of the preseason.

Sadly, the Chiefs defense is running into the same issue it did a year ago by failing to put any pressure on opposing quarterbacks. The team was woeful a week ago against St. Louis in the sack department and they were ineffective against the Seahawks on Friday night.

But they were hardly to blame for the loss.

The offense, led by Matt Cassel and company, wasn't very effective either. Sure they had a beautiful 17-play drive in the second quarter but that was it for the evening.

In the early stages of the game, Cassel didn't really have much time to throw the ball. The offensive line, stellar for most of the last two games wasn't very cohesive outside of the long scoring drive.

But what hurt this offense was the fact Cassel threw the ball 34 times completed 19 passes and threw his first interception of the preseason. Yet on his lone scoring drive he made a nifty move to avoid a sack and throw a 9-yard strike to wide receiver, Dexter McCluster. So his night was really a wash.

So how do we summarize this game?

Well we can say with certainty at this point that the Chiefs who have suffered a few injuries on defense aren't playing very well. The offense, though it managed to get receiver, Jonathan Baldwin, into the flow of the night, aren't firing on enough cylinders to score points.

I'm not sure what Head Coach Romeo Crennel can do to right the ship in two weeks but he's going to either have to be tougher on his players or change some things to insure his team doesn't start the season flat.

The Chiefs in my view are a much better team than the one that showed the last two weeks. But is there enough time to right the ship.

I think so but they better not wait to long to patch up the leaky holes before heading out to sea for battle. Because the Atlanta Falcons will be here soon enough to do their part to make sure the Chiefs fail to get their cannons firing.

What do you want to see Friday night against Seattle?

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