5-Pack: Seahawks vs. Chiefs

DT Donatri Poe / Justin Olson WPI

When you loose at home by 30 points you generally can't find many positives. But in the aftermath of the lopsided loss to Seattle, there were positives for the Chiefs.

1. QB Brady Quinn - As one of my keys heading into this game, I felt it was important that the former Browns and Broncos quarterback get some reps Friday night. ?

In mop up duty, he led the Chiefs on a 12 play, 97-yard drive with a plethora of players who quite likely aren't going to make the final roster. That's a credit to Quinn who has put Ricky Stanzi in the rear view mirror in their battle to serve as Matt Cassel's understudy.

Quinn might not be ready to lead this team full time. But he has a strong command of this offense and right now should Cassel go down to injury - Quinn is the Chiefs best option to carry the team.

2. DT Dontari Poe/Jerrell Powe - By default he might have to get ready to start in the middle of the Chiefs defense this year. If the injury to Anthony Toribio is serious, Poe and fellow teammate Jerrell Powe are going to be cornerstone of the Chiefs interior defensive line.

The good news is that Poe is gaining confidence. Though he didn't do a stellar job against the run Friday night, he's going to have to learn how to get it done in the trenches. But to this point, he continues to hold ground, push back the pile and with two weeks to go before the season opener against Atlanta, the coaching staff has time to get him up to speed.

And that might be enough time to get both Poe and Powe up to speed to start the season as teams top defensive tackles. And thus far, I've not seen anything that makes me believe neither can't eventually get the job done.

3. P Dustin Colquitt - My former radio partner is already in regular season form for the Chiefs. He continues to be the teams biggest prime time performer in the preseason. Colquitt does his job so well that you hardly notice how good he is game in and game out.

Against Seattle he nailed one punt for 70 yards. On the night, with four punts in hand, he averaged a whopping 52.5 yards. He's such a big weapon for the Chiefs that he just doesn't get the respect he deserves. Add that, to the fact he's the holder on field goals, he might be the one player this team could ill afford to lose.

4. WR Jonthan Baldwin - He didn't light up the stat books against Seattle but he did get involved in the offense - and that was a great sign for the Chiefs.

On the night, he had six catches for 37 yards. Nothing that will get him in the Hall of Fame but it was good enough to get the young receiver some confidence come opening day.

Baldwin has struggled through the preseason but maybe his success Friday night will give him the same edge he displayed in training camp. If that happens and Dwayne Bowe can get up to speed, this duo has the potential to be dynamic.

5. WR Dexter McCluster - On the night, he was the offensive MVP. McCluster finished the lopsided contest with seven catches for 61 yards and a touchdown.

I inaccurately felt that McCluster would be the odd man out for a roster spot but I might be wrong. He's been the most consistent receiver and seems to be adapting well to Brian Daboll's offense.

If McCluster can bring this game to the regular season, the Chiefs offense will only get better overall.

What do you want to see Friday night against Seattle?

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