Burning Questions: Falcons vs. Chiefs

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With the Kansas City Chiefs ready to take flight against the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday afternoon, the Warpaint Illustrated top dogs, duke it out with six burning questions to get you primed for the season opener.

Nick Athan vs. Dave Barr

1. Nick Athan - With Tony Gonzalez returning to Kansas City on Sunday, do you think the fans will give him a warm reception.  And do you think there is any doubt that he'll go into the NFL Hall of Fame as a Chief?

Dave Barr - I think the fans will give him a very warm reception. Unlike other former Chiefs who left to divisional rivals, Gonzalez left on good terms and will always hold a special place in Kansas City fans hearts. As far as Canton goes, Gonzalez is a first ballot hall of famer who arguably is the greatest tight end in NFL history.

2. NA - A lot has been said about the development of Atlanta Falcons Quarterback Matt Ryan.  There are some people in the Georgia city that aren't sure he's a Super Bowl calibre quarterback?

DB - I don't think that there is any doubt that Ryan is a Super Bowl caliber signal-caller. Quarterbacks in the NFL get too much praise when things are good and too much criticism when they aren't. The Falcons are a maturing offensive unit with one of the top two receiving corps in the league (Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz with the New York Giants may be the only duo better).

3. NA - With the home opener on Sunday there is a lot of pressure on the Kansas City Chiefs to make a good impression and get off to a fast start, how big is this first game for the franchise and for the long term success of the season?

DB - The season opener sets the tone for your season. That's especially true for Kansas City this season as they try and remove the bad taste of 2011 from their mouths and from the mouths and minds of Chiefs fans. Every year brings high expectation s and 2012 is no different.

Dave Barr vs. Nick Athan

4. Dave Barr - Going into the season opener versus Atlanta - which Chiefs absence on the defensive side of the football will be the most daunting to overcome?

Nick Athan - I'd have to say without a shadow of a doubt it would be cornerback Brandon Flowers. The Chiefs defense can't afford to have their top cornerback sitting on the sideline at any point this season. Prior to his injury he in training camp he had the look of an All Pro cornerback.

5. DB - If you're the Chiefs - which Falcon do you fear the most WR Roddy White or RB Michael Turner?

NA - In my view it has to be Turner. Sure there is concern with the talent at the receiver position the Falcons posses. But it'll be a long afternoon at Arrowhead if the Chiefs front seven does not contain the running talents of Turner. If he's lose in the secondary, Matt Ryan, will have a field day with his play-action abilities in the passing game.

6. DB - The preseason is the preseason people say - but has there not been enough made of the momentum or lack of momentum by the Chiefs going into the regular season?

NA - Well I'd feel differently had this been a team run by Herm Edwards or even Todd Haley but not with Romeo Crennel. The veteran head coach has a good handle on his football team. Roc, as he's affectionately called by his players, had a plan this offseason that included working on situations in preseason games versus trying to win them.

After Sunday's contest, we're going to find out quickly if it paid dividends.

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Predict the final score of Sunday's Falcons Chiefs contest?

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