Offense Still Needs Tinkering

Offense Still Needs Tinkering

Say what you want about the Chiefs offensive performance against the Bills but they fought valiantly for the second consecutive week despite overwhelming odds.

As much as I want to carve up the Chiefs offensive performance on Sunday against the Bills, one must consider the circumstances that forced new coordinator, Brian Daboll to quickly change directions.

But when you open the game down 21-0, what else could he have done. Sure I can question his play-calling, which at times was head-scratching, but I can't criticize him too much because the Bills defense was sending the house on every snap.

However, he doesn't get a free pass.

I'm somewhat miffed at his refusal to make running back, Jamaal Charles a bigger cog of his offense. Where was he in the first half? Even further where was he in the second half.

Sure it was great to see Quarterback Matt Cassel and wide receiver, Dwayne Bowe hook up for a pair of touchdowns. But had running back Peyton Hillis fumbled the ball at the goal line at the end of the first half, then maybe that connection would have meant more in the fourth quarter.

In honesty, it really didn't.

What does matter is that since the Chiefs first exhibition game against the Arizona Cardinals who happened to defeat the New England Patriots on the road Sunday, something has been adrift since.

And Daboll better get it fixed. Because there is no excuse this offense isn't more efficient at this stage of the season. He has a plethora of weapons and playmakers at his disposal that one could argue is under utilized.

Waffling on this issue, the Chiefs offensive line wasn't very good on Sunday. Sure they were under fire but they're not performing at a level necessary to allow Daboll to release the entire playbook.

And I know some of you feel that has something to do with Cassel. But considering the whole that was dug by his defense, the heat he was under the entire game, he still managed to throw for more than 300 yards.

But at some point, this offense has to evolve into one that matches its talents. And Daboll, has to find the right buttons to push regardless of the failures of the Chiefs defense.

And until he does that, his offense will continue to under perform.

When will Jamaal Charles get the rock again for KC's offense?

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