House Money

QB Drew Brees

With two straight losses to open the 2012 season, the Chiefs travel to New Orleans on Sunday to play the struggling Saints. Yet the pressure to win this game might fall more on the former Super Bowl champs than Kansas City.

There are a thousand reasons why the Kansas City Chiefs will lay their third egg in a row on Sunday. But unlike the last two weekends where Kansas City looked awful, the Chiefs enter this game with nothing to lose. In other words, they're working with house money.

Nobody accept a few loyalists feel this Chiefs team can pull off an upset on Sunday in the Big Easy. But if the Arizona Cardinals can jet into Boston and upset the Patriots on the road - as they did last weekend - anything is possible.

That means if the Chiefs simply look into the mirror of their opponents the New Orleans Saints, they should have the blueprint for victory.

The Saints, who have had the rockiest of roads this offseason, have much more at stake on Sunday. If they go 0-3, and even worse fall to the winless Chiefs, they just might become the Aints again.

On the flip side, the Chiefs are unilaterally expected to get blown out on Sunday. Despite playing the blame game within the media this week, the AFC West is still a loose cannon. The Chiefs, Chargers, Broncos and Raiders are nowhere near as good or as bad as each team has played thus far.

So if the Chiefs want to climb back into the thick of this race, they should throw caution to the wind, dig deep and put forth an effort that will shock the NFL by defeating a Saints team; that's a mere shell of the team it was last season.

It's sort of ironic these teams are playing each other at this point of the season. Both have a long history of losing. However, unlike the Chiefs in recent years the Saints have proven that they can win again. Kansas City has yet to change that trend.

Outside of the 2010 season, Kansas City has been struggling to find that winning formula. And if they are going to find it again, winning Sunday could turn their 2012 fortunes from bleak to promising.

Sure it's a stretch to believe this football team has shown the smallest of signs they could win this game. But at some point, every Chiefs has to believe, that the beatings will end.

And this Chiefs team, might be ready beat up on someone else.

Maybe it's wishful thinking. Or maybe for a change, the Chiefs are simply ready to go outside their losing flight pattern and match the talent that rests within its' 53-man roster.

Since the Bills loss blame for the Chiefs miserable start has been placed at the feet of ownership, the general manager, the coaches and the players.

But on Sunday afternoon, wouldn't it be great if Chiefs fans didn't have to do that anymore?

Do the Saints have far more pressure to win this game on Sunday than the Chiefs?

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