Bucs on Top

Josh Freeman & Vincent Jackson

The Chiefs marched into Tampa, Florida with a chip on their shoulder looking to stave off a wickedly good defensive juggernaut called the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Bucs did not disappoint. Tampa Bay was coming off their bye week and they had a chip on their shoulder too.

After starting 1-3, Tampa was, to say the least, hungry and to say the most excellent in all 3 phases of the game; Offense (they had 468 total yards), Defense (racked up 2 turnovers, one INT returned by Ronde Barber for a 78 yard TD) and Special teams. The Chiefs came out looking for blood when Justin Houston picked off a Josh Freeman pass on their 1st possession of the match and ran the ball back for 40 some yards.

But, as usual, the Chiefs were not up to converting that INT into points on the board. Brady Quinn threw a tipped INT giving them the ball right back thereby making the total tally of turnovers over 6 games, 20 (at least we're #1 in the NFL at something). The Chiefs were never really in this game almost from the beginning as the statistics definitely show.

On the other hand, Kansas City did show a glimmer of hope for a comeback when in the 3rd quarter, Sean Draughn blocked a punt, knocking the ball into the end zone and after the ensuing scramble for the pigskin, our own Edgar Jones grabbed an errant throw from the Tampa punter and plunged the ball over the pylon to get a TD, making the score 21-10.

Alas, it was not to be as the Bucs continued to roll over us for a final score of 38-10. This is becoming all too common place for KC after 6 games played. Their game plan is to run the ball I know but when you are 11 points behind or 18 points behind, someone has to step up and become the leader of this disenfranchised team.

You can't try and pick up a 3rd down and 3 yards to go by running Sean Draughn on a play that ends up losing 2 yards. It just does not make any sense. The Chiefs had 0 plays of 20+ yards while the Bucs had 7 plays of 20+ yards rendering our team practically senseless against a superior squad of guys.

One of the most telling stats is yards per play. The Bucs had 9.5 yards per play while the Chiefs only had 4.5 yards per play. Not good. Another very informative stat is the fact that the Chiefs have never had the lead in any contest fought so far this year. What that means basically is that after playing 364:06 minutes of real NFL football, we've always had to come from behind every single time we've played. That affects every facet of the game because a squad like the Chiefs needs to be in front so they're able to run the ball right down the throat of the opposing players.

Being in the hole from the get go forces the Chiefs to play a different style of football which they haven't quite got the knack of. Another indication of a losing stat is yards gained after the catch. Tampa Bay had 163 yards after the catch while we only had 13 yards after the catch. All of these stats are killers to the Chiefs.

So, what do all these statistics really mean? They mean the Chiefs need to change their entire philosophy and embrace a different culture and figure out a way to overcome all of these obstacles they face now because the rest of their schedule is no cake walk, let me tell you.

Well, at least we can be sure of one thing. The KC Chiefs will not get rocked out of their world in the following days to come. And why, pray tell, would that be? The Chiefs have a bye next week.

Why do you think the Chiefs lost again on Sunday?

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