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QB Brady Quinn

With Monday's news by Kansas City Chiefs, Head Coach Romeo Crennel, that Brady Quinn would start over a healthy Matt Cassel, this football team is heading into a new direction.

Two weeks ago the former Browns and Broncos Quarterback made his first NFL start since the 2009 season. To say Brady Quinn played a good game against the Tampa Bay Bucs, would be lying. He was woeful but so was the rest of the offense. And I could garner a few more opinions on the team performance, but that would mean piling on even more so than I've already done to this point of the season.

With the Bye Week in hand, it was clear that the concussion suffered by the incumbent, Matt Cassel, that this change was as predictable as the one that likely will end the tenure of General Manager, Scott Pioli, at some point between now and January.

Well maybe?

If Quinn can rejuvenate the Chiefs offense, the defense can play better and the coaching improves, everyone might get a free pass that could lead to a 2013 reunion of the current front office and coaching staff.

But let's not go there yet.

Ahead for Quinn and company are a trio of games, where the Chiefs aren't likely to be favored, to win any of them. On Sunday, the Oakland Raiders come to Arrowhead, four days later the Chiefs travel to San Diego for a Thursday night showdown against the Chargers. Then it's off to Pittsburgh for a Monday Night affair against Todd Haley and the Steelers.

The optimist in me wants to believe the Chiefs can go 2-1 in that stretch. However, that would only put them at 3-6 with seven games remaining. However, after the hat trick of tough games, the Chiefs come home for three games and could level out their record at 6-6 should they honor the home field advantage that used to rule the NFL in the months of November and December.

However, I'm not sure they can get there.

That is unless Quinn can fulfill his destiny as a first round quarterback in the NFL. When he came to the Chiefs, after two failed attempts to establish himself as a top flight quarterback, there were no expectations for him to supplant Cassel.

And with rumors suggesting the Chiefs might add another quarterback, the Jaguars Jimmy Clausen, before Tuesdays NFL trade deadline, it would appear that the Chiefs are committed to Quinn for the remainder of the 2012 season.

That's probably a good thing. It's also good news that Romeo Crennel was bold enough to buck management and go against his general manager, by naming Quinn as the starter over Cassel.

To that light, we've heard rumblings that Crennel and offensive coordinator, Brian Daboll, were pushing for the quarterback change as early as game two against the Buffalo Bills. If that's true the meddling rumblings of Pioli, might carry a bit more weight.

So why the bold move now?

It's simple. Everyone is fighting to keep their jobs and for the first time, like it or not, the Chiefs are finally committed to a direction. And that means Quinn is the man they've chosen to lead this franchise for the time being.

Will it work?

Opinions vary but not many people believe that Quinn has the game to lead the Chiefs out of the doldrums of mediocrity. However, he's not a bad quarterback. You don't generally get picked in the first round if you don't at least have potential. And though no Notre Dame quarterback outside of Joe Montana, has risen to NFL stardom, I'm willing to give Quinn a free pass for now.

He's still 20 something and as far as first round draft picks go' Quinn marks just the third first round quarterback to start for the Chiefs (Steve Fuller and Todd Blackledge being the other two).

However that really doesn't matter?

What does matter is what Quinn does with the latest opportunity. He has everything to gain by playing well the next ten games. The Chiefs, despite a woeful performance to date, are still in the murky AFC West. For the moment, the Denver Broncos appear to be the class of the division. But they're not light years ahead of the Chiefs, Chargers or Raiders.

So if Quinn is going to get Kansas City back in the division picture, he has to defeat Oakland on Sunday at Arrowhead. In recent years, the Raiders have owned the Chiefs at Arrowhead and that trend must stop right now.

If it does, the Chiefs can pump their chests a bit and change their 2012 fortunes. I admit I'd love to see that happen but I also have a watchful eye on the 2013 season and the possibilities of the Chiefs drafting a franchise quarterback with the first or second overall pick in next April's NFL draft.

So which double edged sword of that perplexing debate will win out?

I guess we're all going to have to wait until Sunday evening to find that out.

Is Brady Quinn the real deal?

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