Out of Time

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That's it Chiefs fans, this franchise and Clark Hunt are officially out of time. What we witnessed against the Raiders was nothing short of the final straw.

And the one glaring stat that cinched it for me, was Jamaal Charles, 5 carries for 4 yards. 5 CARRIES FOR 4 YARDS!

This is a rhetorical question at this point but how does the most explosive player in the NFL and arguably the best running back to come out in years, be given the rock just 5 times?

For this season, for this player, for this team, for this city. It has to stop and it has to stop soon. The bleeding cannot be controlled. My original thinking was perhaps radical surgery to excise the diseased parts but my thinking has changed.

There isn't one aspect of this team that can remain after the season. Absolutely every phase of the game and the team needs to be replaced. The business side is solid, thanks Mark Donovan. The football operations side is quite frankly (and I'm being very nice) ineffective.

I know, that's truly an understatement but children do read these columns. I'm going to try and not wax redundant but it may be difficult considering it is the same problems from the same sources with the same faces.

The Chiefs as they are today are statistically the worst team in professional football. They cannot get out of their own way and the head coach cannot fathom why that is. I always though Romeo Crennel as being a relatively intelligent man with a superior football mind. I was wrong.

Crennel is overmatched and cannot come to grips with the obvious problems we all see. While I do know this is a team sport and it requires the collective effort of all coaches and players to produce an effective product on the field. It's looking more and more that this ship we call the Kansas City Chiefs has lost it's rudder.

There is no inspired thinking from within the coaching ranks. There is no inspired thinking from management. Game planning and play calling is nothing less than a joke and the rest of the league is laughing. The remainder of the schedule truly appears as though this team, this year could go 1-15. And that's not a joke...

There is no captain and there are no orders.

The emperor has no clothes, Mr. Hunt, the emperor has no clothes.

One has to be curious as to the reason Clark Hunt has not made a specific public statement about the state of his franchise. He's leaving the door way too open for every pundit and fan to make up reasons for his silence on this.

I'm not going to go through that door today because I want to give him through Thursday to consider his position. If he is unwilling to make a public statement about his and the family's reasons for staying the course with Scott Pioli, et al, then I will make a very public and very loud case for the end of the Pioli era.

It's really no secret as every Chiefs fan can tell you, but it may very well be to the discredit and financial distress for the City of Kansas City, should this mess continue. If the "Paint it Black" campaign is successful come November 18th. This franchise will have hit a new low.

I wrote about the Jack Steadman era and the problems this team faced then. Quadruple those issues and you have today's Kansas City Chiefs.

Arrowhead with only 10,000 fans in it can verily destroy the investment of both the Hunts and the Jackson County Sports Authority. Albeit, the Hunts have a 25 year lease with the Authority but, and everyone knows this is possible, leases can be broken. If this insanity is allowed to continue, the Hunts will not sacrifice the family investments for a lost cause.

I truly hope I am being overly dramatic about the current state of affairs but after having observed this franchise directly for twenty years and indirectly for over forty, I feel I have a voice that should be taken into consideration.

Whatever the Hunts decide, they should consider the loyalty of the fan base. This team's fortunes will live and die on the emotional investment of its fans. If the fans turn their back, it will only be a matter of time.

How much more time can fans give ownership in regards to Scott Pioli?

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