Fast Forward One Year

Bruce Arians

If you could find a glimmer of hope from Sunday's 20-13 loss by the Chiefs, it would be to make a wish that next year Kansas City becomes the Indianapolis Colts.

It's Christmas so I don't have much time to offer another weekly dribble about the Chiefs latest loss. We all know it was a good game. The defense came to play for Kansas City, the offensive line didn't. Quarterback Brady Quinn was mostly ineffective and the Chiefs running game remain their best option on offense.

What fans saw on Sunday was the emergence of a Superstar quarterback, Andrew Luck, and the arrival of the NFL's hottest head coaching candidate, Bruce Arians.

If the Chiefs franchise is going to turn around their recent failures by cleaning the house that stunk up Arrowhead's 1-7 record this season, they need to clone the blueprint the Colts used in 2012 to reach the playoffs this season.

Indianapolis parlayed the top overall pick and in Week 16 clinched a playoff birth that should send shockwaves around the NFL. Every single move they made this off-season hit pay dirt. And it's something that Kansas City must emulate if they want to be considered viable for an AFC West championship next September.

It's becoming clearer by the day that all signs point to mass firings in Kansas City. If rumblings continue to gain steam that both General Manager Scott Pioli and Head Coach Romeo Crennel and his staff, will be shown the door at the onset of the new year, then there is hope a year from now the Chiefs can be a relevant team once again.

However, it's not going to be easy.

There is NO Andrew Luck or RG3 type of talent at the top end of the 2013 NFL draft. Instead, you have six quarterbacks that should garner enough attention in the second round, that any of them, could impact a team like the Chiefs next season.

But if that's going to happen, the Chiefs have to put a premium on hiring Colts offensive coordinator, Bruce Arians, as their next head coach. What he accomplished this season during Chuck Pagano's battle with Cancer was nothing short of a miracle. For all practical purposes, Arians was the Colts head coach this season.

All he did was guide the Luck ship, the Colts offense and was a steady hand in the locker room that provided more than enough leadership to get Indy back into the playoffs without Peyton Manning.

Yes I know Chairman, Clark Hunt, has to fire Crennel first. But he better not waste too much time at seasons end in doing so because the coaching tree that's about to fall on Black Sunday, doesn't have sufficient enough replacements to fill all those jobs with competent men.

Because if the Chiefs are going to trade for a hired veteran like the 49ers, Alex Smith, and in my view draft the best overall college quarterback, the Razorbacks Tyler Wilson, in the second round - they need a coach like Arians to build an offense that plays to the talents of either quarterback.

If the Chiefs organization doesn't put a premium on such a vital combination, then it won't matter whom they fire or hire. What Kansas City has never been able to do in their franchise history is develop a young quarterback. And there isn't anyone in the front office or on the current coaching staff in Kansas City right now that can do that next season for the Chiefs.

With one game left (at Denver next Sunday), the miserable 2012 season for the Chiefs is longing for some fresh blood in Kansas City. We all want our owner to make moves but they have to be the right ones or this franchise is doomed for failure.

That means Hunt needs to move closer to firing Pioli, Crennel and company. And if reports are true of his interest in veteran General Manager, Bill Polian, they best get their house in order so when the Colts are eliminated from the playoffs, Arians has a seat at the head of the Chiefs table.

Will Bruce Arians become the next Chiefs Head Coach?

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