KC's Next Head Coach?

Andy Reid

With an official statement Monday Morning from the Kansas City Chiefs stating Head Coach Romeo Crennel and his staff have been shown the door, there is already a line forming to replace him. So who are the potential candidates?

1. Andy Reid – He's quickly moved to the top of the pile. After being officially ousted on Sunday by the Eagles, his name quickly surfaced as a candidate for the Chiefs. With President Mark Donovan already making the path from the city of brotherly love to the city of fountains, it's a logical assumption; he'd like to see Reid in Kansas City.

To make things a bit more interesting, Reid's old General Manager, Tom Heckert, who was ousted by the Cleveland Browns this morning, is already rumored to become the successor to Scott Pioli, should he get canned on Monday.

Though I don't know how much juice Reid still has left in his coaching tank, I'm not opposed to the Chiefs taking a chance on such a prestigious head coach. If Reid, came to Kansas City, he'd likely right the Chiefs sinking ship rather quickly; provided he can land a pair of quarterbacks to compete for the starting job in 2013. And let's hope one of them isn't named, Michael Vick.

2. Brian Schottenhimer - Yes we've danced this dance before. But since his ouster in New York a year ago, he's resurrected his career as the St. Louis Rams Offensive Coordinator. Though again I'm not a fan of an unproven head coach, his bloodlines to run Chiefs red.

And should his father, Marty, help him assemble a solid staff, I'd be solidly behind the choice to give the younger Schottenheimer a chance to guide the Chiefs in 2013 and beyond.

3. Darrell Bevell - He nearly came to the Chiefs two years ago as their offensive coordinator. But he, like everyone else, didn't want to play under the Pioli tree. Thus he moved to Seattle and made Quarterback, Russell Wilson, a playoff caliber performer.

Can he do that with the likes of Arkansas Quarterback, Tyler Wilson, whom I believe is the second coming of Joe Montana? That remains to be seen if the Chiefs can land the Razoerback signal caller in April's NFL Draft. But either way, I'd roll the dice with Bevell. He's paid his NFL dues and he would be a solid choice for the Chiefs.

4. Mike McCoy - In guiding the Denver Broncos offense the last two years, McCoy is certain to leave the AFC West team in short order. Granted he had the honor of working with Peyton Manning but it was his schemes that helped the future Hall of Fame Quarterback, enjoy an MVP season.

To me McCoy makes the most sense for the Chiefs because of his knowledge of the AFC West. And let's face it, all roads to the playoffs begin by winning your division. He's had his name come up before for NFL Head Coaching gigs but has yet to receive the big offer. However, that is going to change in the next week.

5. Brian Billick - If I presume that Scott Pioli gets the boot later on Monday, then Billick might be the best overall coach the Chiefs could hope to land after a dismal 2012 season. He lobbied for the job a year ago but after dissecting the troubled waters to play nice with Pioli, he quickly passed.

And we're told that he has a fondness for the Chiefs and believes that their talent level is off the charts. They just need more discipline, structure and focus. The good news for Chiefs fans is that Billick specializes in all three.

6. Bruce Arians - Did I save the best for last? Well we've already talked quite a bit about the former Chiefs coach. The work he's done at Indy with Andrew Luck certainly will garner a head-coaching gig in 2013. But will it land him the premier gig in Kansas City?

The problem with Arians, much like Bevell, is can the Chiefs take the risk that either coach will be available whenever their respective teams end their playoff run. And in regards to Arians, as good as he is in developing quarterbacks; I don't think the Chiefs really can't wait that long on him.

Will any of these six candidates want the coaching gig in Kansas City?

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