The last game of the regular season for the Kansas City Chiefs brought much pain with it. More pain than was inflicted through just about any other game that this football team played all season long.

Not only did the 38-3 loss to the Denver Broncos leave a scar that's incredibly hard to heal, it also brought to an end a schedule that was sorrowful, humiliating, torturous and devoid of practically anything good or encouraging.

Pain, in the most basic sense of the word, is the only feeling that could be gleaned from such a miserable performance as this was. Differing degrees of pain came hand in hand with an anguish that can only be described as heartbreaking and throbbing to the players and the fans of the greater Kansas City metropolis.

This team, which showed much promise before the regular season began, could only muster 119 total yards of offense against Peyton Manning and company.

I'll say that again for those of you who weren't listening. Just 119 yards of total offense both running and passing the ball! Denver gained almost FIVE times that much on the same field and in the same conditions that we had to play in. Hell, Jamaal Charles himself racked up almost twice that many yards against the Colts last week alone!

Now that 16 games have come and gone for the Chiefs in the 2012 calendar, it would seem only fitting to look back on these games and see if there was anything positive to touch on. Well, let's see, OK, Jamaal Charles rushed for over 1500 yards after experiencing a near career ending ACL tear.

But as I look back on the regular season, there weren't ANY games that the Chiefs could really look back upon and wear the chain of pride around their necks. It might seem to any of the thousands of great fans that back the Chiefs Nation that the both wins they notched would be able to be looked back upon with delight. But those pair of victories were certainly nothing to be arrogant or conceited about.

The Chiefs were simply lucky when it came to beating the Carolina Panthers and the New Orleans Saints. Both teams had something else going on in their minds or in their locker rooms, that enabled the Chiefs to claim either victory.

On Sunday, one of the CBS announcers aptly summed up the Chiefs season in one sentence; ‘the 2012 KC Chiefs were the worst team that this proud organization has ever produced in the last 50 years.'

That only leaves one unanswered question and that is this: where do the Chiefs go from here? A fair enough question for sure. After all, Black Monday is going to come down hard on Romeo Crennel and his boss, Scott Pioli, should both receive harsh sentences. And while these men have good track records, that doesn't mean that their past laurels are going to have any effect on their future with this football club.

Whether or not they get fired is a quandary that is best left to the good sports brains that are currently slamming their heads agains the wall in the aftermath of a miserable season.

With 2013 knocking on our door, I must continue to harp that these distinguished minds make swift decisions with Crennel and Pioli so they can focus on acquiring on finding a field general like Peyton Manning or Andrew Luck.

I have to believe that this team can only get better in the months and years ahead. After watching the likes of the aforementioned Luck, RG3 and Russell Wilson guide their teams to the playoffs in each of their rookie seasons, this organization must draft a young, powerful quarterback who is actually willing to play and win for us.

Because all other roads do not lead to Rome but at least, for the moment, the roads we can see will lead to a 1st round draft pick that we can only hope will give Len Dawson, the last quarterback to guide this franchise to a Super Bowl victory, some company in the Champions circle.

So what's ahead for this team in 2013?

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