Chiefs and Geno Smith Share Catbird Seat

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On Wedensday, twenty nine teams showed up yesterday in Morgantown to watch quarterback Geno Smith's pre-draft workout, and it looks like the teams came away from the workout impressed with Smith. This could be fantastic news for the Chiefs.

On Wedensday, twenty nine teams showed up yesterday in Morgantown to watch quarterback Geno Smith's pre-draft workout, and it looks like the teams came away from the workout impressed with Smith. This could be fantastic news for the Chiefs.

According to reports, Smith's workout went extremely well. Working his way through a scripted workout devised by former quarterback Chris Wenke, Smith looked sharp, completing 60 of his 62 throws. Smith displayed a nice compact release and put excellent velocity on his throws. He also appeared to improve his footwork and accuracy, two concerns that teams have had about him after watching tapes of his collegiate games.

The consensus before yesterday was that the 6'2" 218 pound Florida native had cemented his status as a potential top ten pick in the draft at last month's combine. Smith ran a 4.59 40, faster than any other quarterback prospect this year. In a draft that's thin at first round quarterback talent, Smith represents the best chance for teams to get a shot a franchise signal caller.

So what does this mean for the Chiefs? Right now, the Chiefs are playing it close to the vest with the top pick in next month's draft. Kansas City addressed its quarterback situation last week, which was it's most glaring need this offseason.

Right now, the Chiefs primary need is at offensive tackle. The team franchised left tackle Brandon Albert, but may be considering moving him to right tackle to replace last season's starter, Eric Winston. They've arranged private workouts with the top tackle prospects, Texas A&M's, Luke Joeckel, and Central Michigan's Eric Fisher.

With interest building in Smith around the NFL, the Chiefs could be in an excellent position to deal the 1st pick in next month draft and still address their need at tackle. The Chiefs could potentially organize a swap of first round picks, stay in the top 10 and pick up more picks later in the draft. Fisher, or even Joeckel.

After yesterday's workout, the market for Geno Smith got a little warmer. Several teams in the top ten have a deficiency at the quarterback position, and showed up in force to get a look at Smith. There seems to be a real interest in Smith in the beginning to middle of the first round.

The Jacksonville Jaguars, owners of the second pick in the draft sent their GM, head coach and director of player personnel. The Philadelphia Eagles, with the fourth pick, had owner Jeff Lurie, head coach Chip Kelly and their GM on hand. A potential wild card is the Oakland Raiders, who have a need at quarterback as well.

For teams drafting later in the top 10, the need for a quarterback could quickly turn into desperation. There are solid quarterback prospects later in the draft, but Smith, though flawed, is the best prospect in this draft. The Buffalo Bills, owners of the 8th pick, cut last year's starter Ryan Fitzpatrick.

The Arizona Cardinals, with the 7th pick, should be concerned that they can't seem to find someone who can connect with superstar wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald. The Cardinals don't even have an average quarterback on the roster.

If one of these teams is convinced that Smith is going early, it could be enough to compel them to get Chiefs GM John Dorsey on the phone and try to swing a deal, and if I'm Dorsey, I'm listening. The question then becomes how much is Smith worth?

At a minimum, the Chiefs would be reasonable to expect a team's first and second round pick in this year's draft as compensation for the first overall pick. Depending on the draft position of the trade parter, the Chiefs could also ask for additional picks in this or next year's draft.

By trading down, the Chiefs could pick up more picks, including a second rounder to replace the pick they gave to the 49ers as compensation for quarterback Alex Smith. Plus the team could still possibly select one of the premier tackle prospects if that is indeed what they're hoping for.

Of course, there's a lot to consider for a potential trade partner. Is Smith actually worth the likely compensation for a first overall selection? Would he be worth all the additional picks? That's a lot of scratch for a guy who isn't your prototypical "can't miss" prospect. Factor in the additional pick compensation to the Chiefs, and that's a huge risk for a team. Missing on a trade like this could set a team back a couple of years.

If the Chiefs are hoping to be able to deal their pick, they can only hope that Smith's workout created enough buzz to concern some of the teams picking later in the first round. Kansas City only needs one team, however, to pull the trigger on a trade. Maybe Smith isn't on the Chiefs' list of potential draft picks, but they could stand to gain as much from his success this offseason as anyone.

Who are the Chiefs best trade partners?

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