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On Monday afternoon, the Kansas City Chiefs opened their doors to the majority of players under contract in 2013. There was one notable no-show but that shouldn't take away from the work ahead for new Head Coach, Andy Reid.

When the Chiefs hired, Andy Reid, in January, they knew what they were getting. A hard-nosed coach, who gets the most out of his players, and doesn't make too many excuses if his team under performs on any given Sunday.

That's a far cry from the franchises previous head coaches, (Todd Haley and Romeo Crennel), who each were ushered out in Kansas City for their lack of wins. The difference between Reid and those guys boiled down to one thing – he insists on making sure the best players get on the field regardless of their paychecks. And he coaches the players that want to be here – not the ones who don't.

And with every player in attendance for the beginning of the Chiefs off-season workouts, outside of Left Tackle, Branden Albert, it's clear that Reid has already made an impression on his new players. Because if there were any other malcontents interested in putting their selves above their teammates, they would not have showed up on Monday.

That's why you have to be impressed what the Chiefs have done the last two months remolding their roster. They've done a solid job building up their deficiencies through free agency. And it would appear to me the new blood that comes courtesy of the NFL Draft, would pay dividends sooner rather than later for this organization.

If the Chiefs are going to become a player in the AFC West, or the NFL for that matter, they have to build a roster that can withstand injuries and lackluster performances from it's stars. In other words, the Chiefs have to build a team two-deep at every position. If not, it's going to be a long rebuild for this organization.

And at no position is that theory more important than at the quarterback position.

Because if we're being honest, the Chiefs aren't going to live or die this year based on the play of new Quarterback, Alex Smith. Instead, it's going to on the cast that Reid and General Manager, John Dorsey, put together comprising the other 52 players on KC's opening day roster.

The say Rome wasn't built in a day. Well that's true. But NFL dynasties begin with the right foundation. You must build that before you can have a house that can stand the storms of an NFL season.

It's far to early to tell if the Chiefs are laying the proper cement, putting up the walls with solid oak and splicing the wiring together to compete with the mausoleum constructed in Denver the last season and a half.

We probably won't know the answer to that question until mid-season. In the interim, it's still a guessing game. But so far, the 2013 off-season has to be viewed as very positive in Kansas City. But it can't stop there.

With the Chiefs sitting in the catbird seat when it comes to the first overall draft pick. And with West Virginia Quarterback, Geno Smith, visiting Arrowhead on Monday, much talk will center on the seriousness or willingness of the Chiefs to secure a pair of quarterbacks with their top selections in round one and two.

After all, the Chiefs gave the 49ers their second round pick for Alex Smith. And should they indeed draft Geno Smith, as some believe they might now, they'd do something nobody expected. They'd be two-deep at the quarterback position for the conceivable future.

And that's a good thing! Because, that's the way you build a team that wants to win division titles for a decade.

Chiefs Quotes of Note:

QB Alex Smith: "I think you come out here and you bust your tail every day. You have to have a sense of urgency. We're not on cruise control or anything. We can't afford that. You come out here and work as hard as you can every day. Then you come back the next day and try to do it again and keep putting things together."

WR Dwayne Bowe: "It's still kind of new. It's the first day. I'm sure after a couple of weeks of the team being together, getting that continuity, it will be different, but right now it's the first day of school. Everybody is feeling each other out."

CB Brandon Flowers: "Everything is different – new coaching staff, new regime, new system, new players. It's good to put names to faces, coming out here just starting this chemistry and getting this thing turned around on the right path."

LB Derrick Johnson: "Coach Bob Sutton is definitely going to bring an attack-style defense to our ball club. He's already talked about it, about taking the ball away. One of my goals is to take the ball away and score. We will have our minds set on getting more turnovers this year. That's the name of the game. Of course the main objective is to win, but takeaways are going to be big for us this year."

CB Dunta Robinson: "I've never seen a team go 2-14 and have six Pro Bowlers. I knew that the talent was definitely there, a few pieces here, a few pieces there, I thought would make a big difference.

What does it say for Andy Reid that all but one player showed up for KC's first offseason workout?

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