Chiefs 3 Days to #1: Andy Reid

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In a few days the Chief will be on the clock and in our continuing series today, this draft could boil down to KC's most important in team history. And with that, it's a good thing new Head Coach, Andy Reid, is in charge of it.

When Chairman, Clark Hunt, made the decision to oust Head Coach Romeo Crennel and General Manager, Scott Pioli, there wasn't a Chiefs fan in sight that didn't do the happy dance.

Nothing against the two football men who got canned but in the world of the NFL, winning is all that matters. If you win, you stay. If you lose, you get fired.

So when Mr. Hunt signed Mr. Reid to a lucrative five-year contract to be his new head coach, he knew he had a football man who could both coach and draft good players. And that's something that quite honestly has eluded this franchise since Carl and Marty were running the show in Kansas City in the 90's.

Under Reid and new General Manager, John Dorsey, who was handpicked by Reid, Kansas City heads into the NFL draft with some notable holes to fill. Yes to date, and more players will sign once Tackle Branden Albert is traded, the 2013 free agent class has been a good one for this franchise.

With Reid assembling a great coaching staff and Dorsey plucking some potential All Pro's and flyers on a plethora of bodies via free agency that could turn into productive starters, the blue print for success in Kansas City is one that's becoming crystal clear to everyone.

There was no question that Reid was the premier Head Coach on the market this offseason. And his style, reputation and decision-making can never be questioned. He's a football man and for that matter so is Dorsey. And both men in charge know what they're doing in regards to building a roster of winning players.

What they bring to the table in Kansas City is an attitude that screams team first and individuals second. In fact in regards to the latter, some players were shown the door if they didn't buy into principle #1. And that's a good thing.

So for Reid, this draft is critical for the long-term success in Kansas City. Sure he wants to win the AFC West in 2013 but he might not have the horses to do that until 2014.

Thus from Thursday to Saturday he can't act desperate nor reach for players in this draft. He has to be methodical, stick with the plan and be certain to find guys who buy into his team philosophy but ultimately will fit his systems on both sides of the ball.

Should he do just that, Chiefs fans should be pretty happy once this draft ends on Saturday afternoon.

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