Chiefs Are On the Clock

In our final draft preview, the Kansas City Chiefs have two choices ahead of them Thursday night, take the top offensive tackle available or trade the #1 pick. So what will they do?

Depending on the final outcome of the potential, Branden Albert, trade to the Miami Dolphins, it's pretty clear this might be the shortest column I write in this pre-draft Chiefs series. While some of you would like to see that, I might be able to stretch out the inevitable a bit further.

Listen I'm all for the Chiefs taking one of the premier left tackles in this draft, Luke Joekel or Eric Fisher. If I was making the Choice (and based on the Twitter rumblings Wednesday night) it should be the Central Michigan standout. He's a mauler and the Chiefs need some attitude on their offensive line.

But I'm still not sold the Chiefs won't trade the #1 overall pick. Trust me with Albert gone there is a huge hole at left tackle that can be filled with Joekel or Fisher. But if the Chiefs want to roll the dice, they could lose out on both and parlay that into some much needed draft picks.

With the #1 overall pick, there are a few teams that would like to move up to take one of the top tackles, quarterback, Geno Smith, or Alabama Cornerback, Dee Milliner.

Teams such as the Philadelphia Eagles, who covet Smith and are fearful that with the #2 pick of round one the Jacksonville Jaguars, will take their quarterback of the future. The Lions want Joekel, Fisher and Milliner.

But trading within the top five probably won't gain the Chiefs much. Perhaps a swap of first rounds picks and at best a third round pick on Friday night.

However, should they be willing to slide into the 9th spot where the Jets suddenly hold a pair of draft picks in round one, Kansas City would lose out on their tackle but could shore up some other needs.

But they are not alone, both the St. Louis Rams and Minnesota Vikings have multiple first round picks but their mid to late round bundles. And let's he honest, the Jets have the highest pair so it's doubtful KC would take any deal offered by St. Louis or Minnesota unless they offered stupid.

Still unless the Chiefs can grab a first rounder next year and at least a second and third this year, there isn't any point in passing on Joekel or in my opinion Mr. Fisher. But with rumors flying that Kansas City is fielding all offers, plus there isn't a sure fire superstar available with the #1 pick, teams might fall in love with a player so deeply, they could offer the Chiefs the moon.

And should that happen, will the team of Reid and Dorsey pull the trigger?

It's an interesting debate and one that might not be answered until early Thursday evening. But if it were me, I'd use every second of the clock before making my selection. I'd wait to see if a team is willing to sell their soul to land Smith, Joekel, Fisher or Milliner.

Still no matter what the Chiefs do on Thursday night they're going to be questioned. They're certainly in a no-win situation – at least in the short term. Yes they need a left tackle, provided of course they ship Albert out of town, but there is no doubt, in what could be a crazy first round, Kansas City will question what is actually the right thing to do.

But whatever they ultimately do Thursday night, we won't know how it works out for at least a year or two. So why should we be worrying about it now.

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So will the Chiefs trade out of the #1 spot??

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