Chiefs Round #3: RB Knile Davis

RB Kniles Davis

After drafting a young promising tight end at the top of the third round, the Chiefs grab another offensive prospect in Arkansas Running Back, Knile Davis.

As the NFL draft concluded Friday night, the Kansas City Chiefs continued their two-day theme of adding offensive talent. First they added a premier left tackle in round one, a promising tight end to start the third round and probably the biggest running back wild card in this draft to end the second day of their three day infusion of collegiate players.

When Arkansas Running Back, Knile Davis, showed up on the big board as the Chiefs second of third round picks Friday night; it was clear what new Head Coach, Andy Reid, is trying to accomplish with his new offense. He wants big physical, strong athletes to run his west coast system.

There isn't any question that Davis is a physical specimen. Even though he's just south of the six-foot mark, he has incredible power and speed. He can run like the wind, break tackles and turn an ordinary screen pass into a no-contest race to the end zone.

However, with the spoils comes the bad.

He also has a knack of putting the ball on the ground and has dealt with some serious injuries at Arkansas. Generally speaking those signs point toward failure in the NFL.

Before drafting the Arkansas running back, the Chiefs had to feel they could correct the fumbling flaw and Davis's health at this level. And if they manage those pair of feats, there's no doubt Davis has tremendous talent that could impact the Chiefs. After all, he wowed the Chiefs at the NFL Combines last February when he was on the field.

He showed tremendous speed, agility and for a running back was impressive in the weight room. And should this workout warrior prove his flaws can be corrected on football's biggest stage, the Chiefs have found a perfect compliment for All Pro Running Back, Jamaal Charles.

Davis is a home run hitter. And with the additions of first round pick Tackle, Eric Fisher, and fellow third rounder Tight End, Travis Kelce, the Chiefs added a hat trick of football players that will get on the field right away.

And that's the highlight for the Chiefs in the first two days of this years NFL draft. But wait there's more.

By drafting Davis to compliment Charles suddenly the Chiefs have upgraded their running back position that also includes second year men, Cyrus Gray and Shaun Draughn. And that gives the Chiefs more options on offense within their running game.

With this pick, there's no doubt Davis has the running back chops to be a major contributor for the Chiefs this year as long as he can stay healthy and hold onto the rock.

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