No Rush to Sign KC's #1

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Despite the fact the Jacksonville Jaguars signed the NFL's second overall pick, Left Tackle Luke Joekel, a few days ago, the top overall pick, KC's Eric Fisher, should be inked before the start of training camp.

When the debate began to rage in the pre-draft days of April, the Kansas City Chiefs began the process of deciding between Left Tackle Eric Fisher and Luke Joekel. Both were considered can't miss NFL prospects. But Head Coach, Andy Reid, felt Fisher was a bit tougher.

In the minutes after the first round concluded Joekel, spurned by Kansas City, vowed to deliver a whopping serving of payback on the Chiefs for not taking him. Now had he showed any of this fire and attitude in his pre-draft meetings, maybe the Chiefs and Jags would have different rookie tackles on the field.

Nonetheless, the Jags inked their man and guaranteed him some $22 million the next four years that certainly won't affect KC's number to get Fisher under contract. Though Joekel, as was reported by ESPN will make more overall net dollars than Fisher (thanks to Florida Tax laws), that shouldn't matter in the overall gamesmanship of who is the better player.

There's no doubt that despite the fact Fisher will begin his career at right tackle, he was the far better choice for this franchise. Though Joekel might be, from a physical standpoint only, more NFL ready. But long term Fisher is clearly beginning his career with a far better team and a higher ceiling of Pro Bowl potential.

Aat days end, that's the primary factor that Fisher landed in Kansas City. His overall upside is better suited for the Chiefs and his athleticism puts him in a position where he can begin his career at a new landing spot in the NFL.

When the Chiefs lured Hall of Fame Left Tackle, Willie Roaf, away from the New Orleans Saints, they already had John Tait at left tackle. And despite a rough entry into the NFL with a cantankerous contract negotiation with then General Manager, Carl Peterson, Tait was a solid left tackle to that point in his career.

With Mr. Albert still on KC's roster and firmly planted as the teams starting left tackle, Fisher slides to the right spot and suddenly Kansas City has a pretty darn good set of bookend tackles to protect their new quarterback, Alex Smith.

Still there is a risk in moving Fisher. But for now, that's pretty minimal.

What can't happen though is for the Chiefs to suddenly get into a situation where Fishers advisors want a deal sweetener that could risk his chances of getting on the bus to St. Joe at months end.

That would be shocking considering that new General Manager, John Dorsey, isn't one to subscribe to contract squabbles that lead to draft picks missing training camp. So despite the fact Joekel received his new deal before Fisher, shouldn't be a concern to Chiefs fans - at least not yet.

Because the overall delay might not be the fact the Chiefs can't afford to get a deal done within their salary cap with Fisher, it could because they still have an eye on one or two other veteran players they'd like to squeeze onto the team that fits within their salary cap.

Either way, I'd be shocked if Fisher didn't get to the Church on time.

Will the Chiefs get Fisher to camp on time??

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