Chiefs Camp Notes: Commings and Bray

Photo: Denny Medley USA Today Sports

St. Joseph, Mo. - With news that fifth round defensive back, Saunders Commings broke his collarbone in Wednesday's practice, might KC find another corner via free agency? Plus why is the media so harsh on KC's youngest quarterback from Tennessee?

CB Saunders Commings - When we learned yesterday that KC's fifth round pick had broken his collarbone on Wednesday that certainly wasn't good news for KC's defense.

Though just a rookie the Georgia secondary standout was already being penciled into KC's defense as a nickel cover man to start the season.

Now with the severity of the injury and it's timetable to heal the Chiefs have to decide if they want to bury Saunders rookie season by placing him on injured reserve or carry him on the 53-man roster until he's healthy and ready to contribute on Sundays.

It's a tough call either way. But Kansas City has little choice at this point but to do likely do the latter - unless they want to roll the dice outside of the organization.

However, with some money cleared after restructuring a few veteran contracts within the last week, the Chiefs do have some cash at their disposal. One name to keep an eye on is former Tamba Bay Bucs Cornerback, Eric Wright.

He was traded to the S.F. 49ers but flunked his physical this week making him a free agent. The Chiefs were one of the teams who inquired about him before the trade and with Commings an opening day roster bubble player, Wright could be a good fit for Kansas City.

Sure he's facing some off the field stuff but there isn't any question of his talents on the field. In my view, the Chiefs can't have enough quality cornerbacks to compete against Peyton Manning and company.

QB Tyler Bray - It's early but I guess the adage that everyone loves the back-up quarterback isn't all that true. When Tyler Bray headed off the field on Wednesday, he was met by a hoard of reporters.

The 21-year old quarterback from Tennessee did his best to put on his media game face. Now playing for the media crazed Vols in the SEC is about as high-pressured as one can get for a veteran NFL player let alone a wide eyed kid. And the knock within the local media on Bray in his early sessions was that he was aloof or brash – honestly I'm not sure the difference anymore.

Now there really wasn't any write or wrong questions or answers for that matter. But the local media (and rightfully so) is so skeptic about the Chiefs ability to develop a franchise, Super Bowl caliber quarterback from scratch, that Bray has fallen into the Todd Blacledge, Steve Fuller and Matt Blundin world. Thus he's going to need to really play well to get out of that company.

Still the kid has some quarterback chops and was as sincere and honest as he could be when he addresses the question about his 2013 goals

"I'm just trying to get better each day. I'm not trying to jump out to be the number one guy in a couple of days, that's just not realistic. I'm just trying to get better each day and learning the playbook more and more each day," Bray told reporters.

?There is no question this diaper dandy has a world of talent and we in the media have to understand that we've never witnessed a head coach of the caliber of Andy Reid. who can take a wet behind the ears college player, and get him to championship caliber quarterback in short order.

It might be time the rest of the local media recognize that as well because Tyler Bray is in a different class.

Does anyone doubt Reid's ability to develop a young quarterback?

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