Chiefs Camp Notes: Clark Hunt's Resolve

Chiefs Chairman Clark Hunt

St. Joseph, MO - After Monday's practice, Kansas City Chiefs Chairman, Clark Hunt, spoke to the media. What a difference seven months has made since he cleaned house. Now he's looking forward to the 2013 season.

When Clark Hunt decided to slam the door on the ‘Patriot Way' in early January, many felt that the young maverick owner had seen enough losing and was ready to take back his franchise.

As news circulated that Andy Reid would become KC's next head coach and John Dorsey would become the teams new General Manager, Mr. Hunt changed the power structure of the organization and decided that he needed to be more involved with the non business side of his football team.

With the new direction and new people in place, Mr. Hunt has been a staple at training camp and appears to be someone that has taken complete control of the franchise. And with the lines of communication open, Hunt has his fingers on the pulse of the organization.

"Well probably the biggest difference is that I spend more time talking to the head coach," Mr. Hunt said.

"Andy and I, we speak frequently. I still have a lot of interaction with the general manager, John (Dorsey). I have interaction with both of them. They are both very bright football people and great human beings. It's very enjoyable to talk with them, whether it's about what's going on with the football team or what's going on in life."

Clark Hunt has always been a very cordial and passionate owner. But this year, there appears to be a sense of calm and confidence unlike previous seasons under his watch. Don't get me wrong, it's been evident before but at the onset of this training camp, things appear different. "Well, I feel great about the football team. There's a lot of excitement about the team, about Andy, about Alex Smith. We had a lot of our season ticket holders out this morning, and it was great talking to them and hearing their enthusiasm about the season. I feel confident like everybody. There's still a lot of work that needs to be done. There's a lot of opportunity for improvement. That will take place over the next three or four weeks, and hopefully by the time we get to Jacksonville, we'll be ready to go," Mr. Hunt said.

And he can say that because he's comfortable with the direction of the organization has taken since January.

After enduring a very difficult 2012 season, he has the power structure in place on the field and on the business side that will insure a greater chance for success in the years to come.

"I feel very good organizationally. We've been fortunate having Mark Donovan running the business side operation for the last four or so years. He's done a tremendous job on the business side, and now we have John and Andy on the football side and I feel great about that as well," he said of his team President.

Still the proof is in the success on the field for Clark Hunt. But this season could just be the beginning of his finest hour.

Has Clark Hunt changed the culture of the Chiefs?

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