49ers vs. Chiefs: Terrorhead's Return

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Arrowhead was once considered the loudest, most feared stadium in the NFL. But recently its lost some of it's thunder. If that's going to change in 2013, Chiefs fans need to make it a House of Terror once again.

Granted exhibition games don't mean much in NFL circles. The goal is to get your veterans some work, establish your back-ups and STAY healthy at all costs. What does count is the regular season when wins determine playoff spots and losses establish your draft positions.

As we get ready for Friday night's second preseason game against the San Francisco 49ers, the Kansas City Chiefs must re-establish Arrowhead as a real house of terror on their upcoming opponents.

And if that's going to indeed be the case this season, then why not put it to the 49ers Friday night in what could serve as a dress rehearsal for the regular season.

Someone not to long ago asked me why I thought Arrowhead had lost its magic in recent years. Of course, I gave them the standard answers. Bad coaching, inept management from the player personnel side and 53-man rosters that had just enough ‘Me' guys instead of ‘We' guys to disrupt the chemistry of the team on the field.

Now were there other factors that caused the demise of Arrowhead? Absolutely, but one thing you can't blame in this recent slide are the fans.

The Chiefs nation is probably one of the most resilient in the NFL. They love their team in Red and have shown an unwavering bond that somehow manages to stay together. And when you consider since the 60's, despite the fact; the Chiefs last Super Sunday was some 40 years ago, they stand united.

Now will whooping up on the 49ers Friday night put the Chiefs on a Super Bowl path? Not likely but it can't hurt to see the fans get into this game early. Granted most of the starters will be out by the beginning of the second quarter.

So they need to do their job from the opening kick-off fans and show that stadium shaking passion for their new head coach, Andy Reid, to show him and the players, they are committed to be the 13th man on the field in 2013.

As the late founder of the Kansas City Chiefs, Lamar Hunt, used to say, Arrowhead was his favorite place on earth on game days. The smell of the BBQ surrounding the stadium, greeting the fans, the passion in the stands and hopefully a winning experience on the field, made the place we call the true home of the Chiefs – magical.

As many of you know, I've been around this team my entire life. I've seen pretty much everything that you can see as a Chiefs fan. I've lived and died with this franchise for as long as I can remember.

And from the days of my youth, when I had the honor to be neighbors and friends with Pro Football Hall of Fame Coach, Hank Stram and Linebacker Bobby Bell, I've lived a pretty charmed Chiefs existence in my five decades as a die hard fan.

When I started Warpaint Illustrated 10 years ago, my goal was to simply bring it from a fans perspective. I've never considered myself anything other than a dedicated fan who wants to share his thoughts, views and passion about the Chiefs.

That doesn't mean I haven't wavered as a fan either. In taking a step back before moving forward, I admit the 2012 season was one all Chiefs fans want to forget. But maybe we shouldn't because we all hit the same rock bottom as the top of organization that began to realize things had to change. And as a Chiefs fan, we fell to the earth as well until those changes occurred. When those sweeping changes were made it made us feel better and ushered in new hope that this once proud franchise can indeed win again.

In life, they say second chances are everywhere. You simply have to find them when they land on your doorstep. And when they come your way, you must be prepared to make the most of them.

In Kansas City, the Chiefs are as former General Manager, Carl Peterson, used to say, ascending.

As I've circled the radio airwaves coast to coast talking Chiefs football this Summer, everyone agrees that new head coach, Andy Reid, has something special in Kansas City. And to that light, many feel the Chiefs are the second best team in the AFC West. It's something I concur with.

Time will tell if that's indeed the case. In the interim though as Reid and his coaching staff prepare for their first Arrowhead Experience wearing the color red, the fans have to greet him, his staff and the players as if is he is indeed the second coming of the re-birth of this franchise, is not only possible, but probable.

Through the decades we've seen men come to Arrowhead with good intentions. But never have we had a head coach who is as committed to building a team that can play all three phases of the game on Sunday afternoons, since the aforementioned Hank Stram.

Thus as we get ready for our first Arrowhead experience of the season, I implore all Chiefs fans - BRING BACK THE TERROR!!!

KC's 13th Man must return to Arrowhead this season?

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