49ers vs. Chiefs Recap: KC's Offensive Woes

What a difference a week makes for the Chiefs and QB Alex Smith. After opening the preseason a week ago in superlative offensive fashion, the first team unit took a step backwards Friday night. So is there cause for alarm after KC's 15-13 loss to the SF 49ers?

Let's be honest the Chiefs did face a stout San Francisco 49ers defense so that could explain some of the woes that Quarterback, Alex Smith faced on Friday night in his Arrowhead debut. But what was his excuse when the Super Bowl runner ups put in their second team unit after just one series?

But before we let our blood boil and jump off the Red Bandwagon, this is just the second preseason game for the Chiefs. And logically speaking, what happens in August isn't always a precursor to what happens in September. But after a stellar first impression, Smith in particular, he didn't look very good against his old team.

I'm sure head coach, Andy Reid, wasn't very pleased with his first team offense, who played much of the first half. But the troubling aspect of this game for me was the Chiefs offensive line, especially franchise left tackle Branden Albert, didn't seem to every get in sync.

Even more troubling than that though was Smith's inability to get the ball to his wide receivers. Now it didn't help when he did deliver the ball on the money his backs and receivers had a case of the drops. In fact, far too many drops even at this point of the preseason. But those are mental errors that can be corrected by Smiths offensive playmakers.

The Chiefs for all practical purposes have one preseason game left - that's next week at Pittsburgh against the Steelers. That game may indeed tell us what kind of season Kansas City is going to carve out for themselves in 2013.

For the moment, I'm not going to send out a flair for the Chiefs offense. If Reid wasn't in charge of fixing what went wrong on Friday night, then I'd probably be in panic mode about Smith and company.

Reid has enough time to cure the ills of his offense. But the players have to execute better. Now the Chiefs aren't going to face too many defenses this season that are two deep like the 49ers. But they will face some solid units in the coming months so they'll have to play better if they expect to live up to their potential as AFC West runner-up.

As we sit half way through the exhibition grind, the Chiefs are 0-2. I felt once the Chiefs got back on the field of battle that it was critical, if Kansas City is going to start the regular season with a bang, to win in August.

So can they win at Pittsburgh and Green Bay at home to finish 2-2?

That may prove to be a tough task for the Chiefs who continue to struggle to put all three phases of their team together on the field at the same time.

Right now special teams and the defense are miles ahead of the offense. And that's not necessarily unexpected. Because anytime you add a new offensive system, a new quarterback and an unpolished offensive line, the results could be slow to develop.

Only time can heal the Chiefs offensive issues. But with the regular season just three weeks away, Kansas City has to find a groove offensively in the next two games.

So let's hope that Friday's lackluster performance by the Chiefs offense was a hiccup and not a continuing trend.

Can the Chiefs offensive issues be resolved before the start of the regular season?

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