Jenkins in Baldwin Out

Photo: Ed Szczepanski USA Today

In what can be described as a low risk move, the Kansas City Chiefs shipped underachieving wide receiver, Jon Baldwin, to the SF 49ers for their underachieving wide out, A.J. Jenkins. So what did both teams gain by swapping former first round picks?

After a pair of NFL seasons, two lackluster preseason games by receiver, Jon Baldwin, new Chiefs General Manager, John Dorsey, shipped him to the San Francisco 49ers for former Illinois receiver and 2012 first round draft pick, A.J. Jenkins.

The move makes sense for both teams. First Baldwin, despite being given a starting job with the Chiefs this year, gets moved to a team that doesn't rely much on its receivers to carve out big chunks of yards offensively. So in essence, the pressure is off.

For Jenkins, he gets to come back to the Midwest to play with his former Quarterback, Alex Smith – not to mention his Illini Alumni Chiefs guards, Jeff Allen and Jon Asamoah.

So who wins this deal? In a landslide, the Kansas City Chiefs.

First Jenkins is two years younger than Baldwin and that's always a plus. Secondly, though Jenkins isn't a big receiver, he has rising potential. Yes I know he's never caught an NFL pass to date but in college he was nails in the red zone and in crunch time.

And that mystery led me to wonder why he struggled so mightily with the 49ers his rookie season?

So after doing a little digging, it would appear that Jenkins simply lost confidence in himself once he hit the field.

It's never easy to make the light speed jump from the college ranks to the NFL. And some guys, like Jenkins, need some time to develop. Of course I championed that very thing in regards to Baldwin for two plus years.

Secondly, the 49ers offense isn't geared toward their wide receivers. And to boot, I don't think for all of their offensive genius – the coaching at the receiver position is all that good - that's very bad news for Baldwin.

In Kansas City, thankfully the Chiefs have a solid receiver coach in David Culley. Add his teaching abilities with coaching intern, Andre Reed, and they might be able to fix the Jenkins confidence meter. And that could boast KC's receiving core.

To their credit, both KC coaches tried to fix Baldwin. But the man I refer to as Mr. Atlas, could never take that chiseled body, tremendous athletic abilities and put them to good use on the football field.

In other words, he will go down as another Scott Pioli busted draft pick. And for that matter, he may not be the last former regime player to get the axe once the cuts come down in the coming weeks as KC carves out it's 53-man regular season roster.

For now, this was a solid move by Dorsey. He gets rid of a player that simply didn't understand what it takes to play in the NFL for another who has some roster familiarity first and a friendly offensive system second. And that should allow him to make several NFL catches in a Chiefs uniform

But does this mean KC is done looking for receivers?

I highly doubt it.

Was this a good move by the Chiefs?

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