Moeaki Injury Could Force Chiefs Hand

TE Tony Moaeki

Here we go again. When news spread Monday afternoon that Chiefs Tight End, Tony Moeaki, fractured his shoulder, one has to wonder if we've seen the last of the former Iowa Hawkeye in a KC uniform.

After the first round of roster cuts on Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs roster continues to purge Scott Pioli players. The latest victim was Quarterback, Ricky Stanzi. And now news that Tight End, Tony Moeaki, fractured his shoulder, could lead the Chiefs to work out an injury settlement with their often-injured tight end. Thus he would go in the category of another failed draft pick.

I'm not sure how many times you can go into the medical bag and fix a player. But that's something the Chiefs organization is going to have to ponder with the latest Moeaki injury.

Warpaint Illustrated has learned that Moeaki's injury could sideline him up to 10 weeks or more. If that's the case, he's virtually a lock to be placed on injured reserve or he could cash out a medical severance from the Chiefs.

It wasn't going to be easy for Moeaki to make the final roster because, had the injury not occurred, he might have been dealt to another NFL team. The Chiefs were shopping Moeaki and had a few willing suitors. But those talks are dead now.

Right now the Chiefs have one veteran tight end, Anthony Fasano, they can count on this season. Their second option, 2013 draftee Travis Kelce, has been both injured and inconsistent thus far in a KC uniform.

If indeed, the doctors reveal that Moeaki is out for the season, the Chiefs are going to have to claim a third tight end from another roster by the end of the week. With Andy Reid's west coast offense, the tight end position is a critical option for Kansas City.

Though I'm not sure the Chiefs would have actually traded another so-so, Pioli, draft pick, it does hurt Kansas City right now.

Granted the Chiefs offense took a leap forward Saturday night against the Pittsburgh Steelers in their passing game. They worked diligently to get the ball to their wide receivers by spreading the field and using multiple four wide receiver sets.

And that trend might continue, if the Chiefs don't have two tight ends that can be dual threats on the field on the same snap. Two tight end sets are a staple in Reid's offense but Kelce might not be ready for prime time. This team might need to find a veteran.

I'm sure General Manager, John Dorsey, will be scouring the waiver wire on Tuesday if he and Reid determine that neither, Kevin Brock or Demetrius Harris, can be back-up options for the Chiefs. Even more so, they better believe right now that Kelce can be a solid back-up to Fasano.

I do feel sorry for Moeaki and these injuries aren't his fault. It just boils down to bad luck. But there is no denying once a player has a propensity for injuries in the NFL, those battle scars generally lead to early retirement.

That aside the Chiefs must decide to place Moeaki on injured reserve, which would mean he'd be out for the 2013 season, or offer him a severance package that could give the Chiefs some much needed cap space.

Either way it appears that Moeaki may have played his final game in a Chiefs uniform.

Should the Chiefs work out an injury settlement with Tony Moeaki?

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