Dallas vs. Chiefs Primer: America's Team?

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On Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs will open the Arrowhead portion of their 2013 schedule by facing the NFC East beast known as the Dallas Cowboys. Though they've not been a dominant franchise in decades they still proudly wear the armor of their nickname. But why isn't America's team in the Heartland?

In the 80's, I spent a short spell in the suburbs of Dallas. Though I never made it to a Dallas Cowboys game in person, I have seen the Cowboys play the Chiefs every time they've invaded Arrowhead. Yet that moniker given Sunday's counterpart continues to baffle me? So why do the Cowboys continue to be referred to as ‘Americas Team' by the NFL masses?

The city of Dallas is located in the southwest. Not exactly a Mecca for a moniker that doesn't fit the national NFL landscape. If it were Los Angeles or New York or even Miami, perhaps the nickname has some merit.

In my book, a moniker like that should be reserved for a Midwestern NFL city not one that resides in what others refer to as the Longhorn state. So how about our city? After all, we do rest in the middle of the country and no one franchise has a fan base like the one within the Chiefs nation.

Currently our Out of Bounds Podcast is downloaded in 47 countries around the world. That suggests the Chiefs nation is truly more than America's team but more of a global phenomenon when it comes to Kansas City football.

In all seriousness, the Dallas Cowboys have won more Super Bowls than the Chiefs, and let's be honest their cheerleaders are pretty hot. But Kansas City has a fan base that no matter the state of the franchise they never stop bleeding their Chiefs red.

The Cowboys, on the other hand are impeded by their meddling owner, Jerry Jones, who to this day, acts as the teams General Manager and personnel guru and has banned all pre-game tailgating at his new NFL cathedral. But it's his money, so he can do whatever he wants within his billion-dollar football empire.

Still that darn nickname has always stuck in my crawl. Maybe it's the fact Kansas City used to host the Thanksgiving Day game before the powers at be in the NFL deemed Dallas, and their new moniker, a place where our post turkey football games should be played and viewed.

The fact the other game, which has a deep-rooted NFL tradition, rests in Detroit. At least that's palatable. But the Lions franchise has no such label yet they're a more an NFL holiday city than Dallas.

This isn't a column about the Turkey Day games because the NFL has added a third game in prime time that does feature other worthy cities. But as the Cowboys get ready to invade Arrowhead on Sunday afternoon, I'm not sure any team should be labeled as one so globally representing our great nation.

Maybe I'm being overly Patriotic after the recent anniversary surrounding the remembrance of the tragedy that fell upon this county on September 11th. But I can't give respect to the Cowboys and this moniker has to be removed from the NFL mainstream dialect.

Even as much as I want to happen I'm realistic to believe this movement is likely to die off in the 24 hour news cycle ahead. However, nothing can stop me from having my 15 minutes of fame on the topic.

So with that, Kansas City seems a better fit for a nickname because of its Midwestern values, it's civic love within its community and the passionate fan base that continues a trend of loyalty unmatched by any other NFL franchise.

And I say that based on this fact. I bet if you asked football fans in the state of Texas they'd say the Longhorns not the Cowboys are more popular in the Southwest. Because when it's all said and done the Cowboys are a local team to that portion of the country.

The Chiefs are one of the oldest NFL franchises. And had their founder the late, Lamar Hunt, not been so bold as to start a rival league, then perhaps my basis to remove the Cowboys moniker from society would be irrelevant.

So after the Chiefs chase the Cowboys back to Dallas on Sunday afternoon with their first loss of the season, perhaps we should come up with come up with our own nickname to honor the resurgence of our classy Midwestern NFL franchise.

The Kansas City Chiefs need a new nickname.

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