It's Certainly Worth a Discussion or Two

TE Tony Gonzalez

When the Atlanta Falcons dropped to 1-4 Monday night the world of craziness hit a new level on the street corner where the Kansas City Chiefs reside. That's when fans and media outlets suggested All World Tight End, Tony Gonzalez, could be dealt at the trade deadline to a contender.

Seriously when I woke up this morning I expected a few fans suggesting the Kansas City Chiefs make a run for Tight End, Tony Gonzalez. But when the Atlanta Falcons received the news Tuesday morning that star wide receiver, Julio Jones, was out of the season, suddenly that far fetched notion wasn't so crazy after all.

To think this scenario is even remotely possible, would be an understatement. The chances of the Chiefs landing Gonzalez in a trade between now and the end of October are as remote as KC's improbable 5-0 start.

Wait did I just contradict myself?

However, let's put this in proper dreamland.

I've known Gonzalez a long time. I know what he's been through in both Kansas City and Atlanta. He's the greatest tight end in the history of the game and he deserves his Super Bowl moment. And trust me, he wants it bad. So much so, he and his camp will push for a trade if necessary.

It's clear he won't get that Super Bowl chance in Atlanta. Their defense is shoddy, they're dealing with a plethora of injuries on both sides of the ball and Quarterback, Matt Ryan, may have already peaked as an elite passer. To make matters even worse, their coaching staff appears unable to compensate for their shortcomings.

Add those interesting tidbits with the fact Kansas City is tied atop the AFC West with the Denver Broncos and they have a soft schedule until they face their division rival in five weeks.

So if the Chiefs are serious about this trade, and one has to assume they will certainly make inquiries to Atlanta, how feasible is this for the championship starve crazed Chiefs nation? Will upper management actually get this done?

Well General Manager, John Dorsey, was on 810 Sports earlier on Tuesday and he made it pretty clear that he'd be open to anything that improves his football team.

He made it clear that Gonzalez deserves a chance at the NFL's brass ring.

Dorsey went onto say he's always been frugal with his draft picks, although he did sent a pair of second round selections to the San Francisco 49ers for Quarterback, Alex Smith. That move turned out pretty well.

But his frugality, may get challenged should he and the Falcons discuss the possibility of this trade and he has to give up more 2014 picks.

So what's the likelihood this deal actually goes down?

At dawn this morning, I'd have said maybe 10% at best. But after listening to Dorsey, the events that unfolded in Atlanta this morning and talking to my NFL spies, I'd bump it up to 50%.

Here's why?

At the end of last season, Gonzalez told the Falcons pretty emphatically he wasn't coming back this season. But they convinced him they were a Super Bowl caliber football team. However, Gonzalez made it clear he wasn't coming back in 2014 so this was his last NFL season no matter what happens this season.

As a sweetener, it's always been understood if Atlanta finds itself in the position they find themselves today, that management would facilitate a trade sending Gonzalez to a contending team.

After all, that's the fair thing to do and one both sides agreed upon before he signed his one-year contract last spring.

The Chiefs are the perfect fit for Gonzalez. He has a quarterback in Smith, who excels at getting the ball to the tight end. The Chiefs have a brilliant running back in Jamaal Charles and capable receivers with the duo of Dwayne Bowe and Donnie Avery.

Add that with the coaching style of Andy Reid, this is a recipe that could be heaven sent to the Chiefs nation. But Gonzalez himself did tell Fox Sports insider, Jay Glazer, he didn't want to be traded. He also stated he wanted to end the season with Atlanta; we all know that's the politically correct thing to say at this point. And it may ultimately grease the skids for Glazer to get the exclusive should a trade eventually go down.

Now in the real world lets be honest this isn't likely to happen. But when you factor in the NFL Gods love the Chiefs Karma, why can't this occur. So it's not inconceivable Gonzalez returns to the heartland in time for KC's November and December battles against division rival Denver.

After all isn't that what really matters. The Chiefs at some point have to go all in before those games begin.

The Chiefs have already swung for the fences this year. They've already kept pace with Denver and trust me they aren't interested in playing KC's defense. But by adding Gonzalez for the second half of the season, suddenly their entire dynamic changes on offense.

With injuries torpedoing the launch of the 2013 seasons for Anthony Fasano and Travis Kelce, Kansas City has relied on Sean McGrath, to carry the tight end slack. Granted his been all nails but he's still a diaper dandy.

If Gonzalez, joins the Chiefs, one of them could go on injured reserve while the games very best to play his position can do nothing but make the rest of the tight end crew in Kansas City twice as good.

In this instance, the Chiefs should be bold. And who knows, maybe they've already opened up trade talks with the Falcons. But the price has to be right, and with no second round pick in 2014, they must be shrewd in what they give up for Gonzalez or another player at the deadline.

Anyway you slice up this (what if scenario), with three straight home games on the books, Chiefs fans will likely banter about this until Halloween.

To make matters worse, we in the media aren't likely going to let this simmer any time soon until the trade deadline passes and the fate of Gonzalez has been sealed.

The Chiefs distance between the Broncos is shrinking. But how much?

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