AFC West Report: Week 6 Power Rankings

When did the balance of power shift in the NFL claiming offensive juggernauts win Super Bowls? In my book, the best defense trumps any great offense. So who's number one in the AFC West entering week seven?

1. Kansas City Chiefs (6-0) - Forget the flack I took last week after I anointed the Chiefs the top spot in the division, it's still deserving to be given the top spot. When you get ten sacks, force three turnovers and induce a daunting third and 48 yards to go on your opponent, it's a no brainier – the Chiefs are the best team in the division.

I know KC's offense is struggling and I'm convinced it will continue until the Chiefs tweak their offensive line after their bye week. That's when they'll have two weeks to get ready for the Broncos.

At the moment though, everything that was said about Chiefs quarterback, Alex Smith, before he arrived in Kansas City has proven to be correct. He was so-so for the second consecutive game. A large part of his struggles reside with the poor play of rookie tackle, Eric Fisher, and guards, Jon Asamoah and Jeff Allen.

I'm not sure what can be done before the first AFC West showdown with Denver. But Reid will figure it out because he knows his defense doesn't need much more from its offense.

The Chiefs are the best defensive team in the NFL. In leading the NFL in sacks and fantasy points, they've beaten up quarterbacks that others within the division have struggled to keep in check.

Right now this team is confidant and is nowhere close to being a complete football team. The fact they are 6-0 with room to improve makes them the scariest team in the NFL.

Next Up: Vs. Houston Texans

2. Denver Broncos (6-0) - When the Broncos failed to cover the largest spread in NFL history, the boys in Las Vegas lost some serious bank for all those under bets they had to pay out.

To make matters worse, when the Broncos struggled to defeat the Jacksonville Jaguars at home on Sunday, they proved to be mortal. All world Quarterback, Peyton Manning, had multiple turnovers and if not for their suddenly efficient run game, the score might have been a real shocker.

Fans in Denver appear to be waffling a bit over the game plan Sunday presented by Head Coach, John Fox. Secondly, they knew to a man had they played any other NFL team with better talent, they'd have gone home pretty upset. They also admitted they took Jacksonville lightly in their game preparation. And that could ultimately prove to be their downfall when they play lesser opponents later in the season.

The Broncos have a defense but it's not good enough to run through the AFC West 16-0 or even 14-2. In fact, if they don't improve they're going to be a wild card team.

That may be harsh and to be fair suspended linebacker, Von Miller, could return to the team this week, so that could change the balance of power back in the Broncos favor.

But the Chiefs defense is built to shutdown Manning and all others standing in their Super Bowl path. Right now Denver's defense is just hoping to make enough stops so they can outscore their opponents.

And that's a risky roll of the dice, one that has rarely been a Super Bowl winning combination.

Next Up: @ Indianapolis Colts

3. San Diego Chargers (3-3) - Though it wasn't their best performance of the season the Chargers did manage to upset the Indianapolis Colts Monday night.

They won the game in large part to their solid offensive line. Though it's been a patchwork line to this point of the season, they shut down the Colts defense. San Diego was terrific rushing the ball and Quarterback, Phillip Rivers, was his usual solid self at home.

But the defense does deserve high marks for frustrating Colts quarterback, Andrew Luck. Part of the reason he may have laid an egg in San Diego was the fact he was looking ahead to Sunday nights match up against the Denver Broncos.

That aside, if the Chargers can continue to play like this they might become the division spoiler. They have yet to face the Chiefs or Broncos this season and perhaps the division title in a round about way could be decided by how well those divisional teams play against San Diego.

Next Up: @ Jacksonville Jaguars

4. Oakland Raiders (2-4) – They fall to the bottom of the division pile is largely based on the Chiefs beat down last Sunday. They ran into a buzz saw defensively and in the end were exposed for all their offensive weaknesses.

Granted their defense played well but all they did was delay the inevitable. Though I'm still firmly in the Terrelle Pryor bandwagon, he was over matched in this game.

Then again any quarterback would have been on Sunday. The Raiders have some positives and this team still has a chance to win six to eight games. But mark my words next season with some strong moves in March and April could vault ahead of San Diego and Denver next season.

Are the Chiefs still the best in the West?

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