This Feud is Very Entertaining

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Sure I'm a Kansas City Chiefs fan. But I have to admit I really like Indianapolis Colts owner, Jim Irsay. He speaks his mind and it's actually very refreshing. But anyone who interprets his comments about his former employee as anything other than great NFL theatre, just isn't getting it.

I've heard the NFL referred to as the No Fun League. I argue that's nowhere near the case. Sure the end zone celebrations have gone too far and I'm adamantly opposed to a player celebrating after making a first down or a tackle as if it's the most important thing they'll ever do in their life, a bit appalling. It is after all their job?

But that's for another day.

On this day, I can't be anything but amused with Indianapolis Colts owner, Jim Irsay. Since last week all he's done is talk about his former quarterback, Peyton Manning.

Most people think it's about talking down or belittling Manning. But I laugh at all the hoopla, because people just don't see what's really going on. But before I make my point so eloquently, lets review what got us here.

Irsay is a Twitter fanatic. He loves to banter in the social media world. For a billionaire, it's just a hobby but he is pretty darn good at it.

So when he made his first comments about making his homecoming a celebratory one I snickered. Then a few days later he suggested correctly, Manning's stats were amazing, but only garnered a single Super Bowl ring during his Indy tenure. Now that made me laugh out loud.

But he wasn't done. He went on to clarify his remarks, that he should have put a better cast around Manning in regards to some of Manning s post season failures. Seriously he had some of the best – if not the very best – offensive personnel money can buy and draft.

That fact aside, all this nonsense did was fire up Denver Broncos Head Coach, John Fox. For the record Fox, who is under some serious heat after the way his team didn't show up against Jacksonville last weekend, did his part by opening his mouth deferring some of the fan dissension building around his feet. So in realty, Isray did Fox a big favor.

So Fox armed his words stating Irsay was taking a shot at Manning. But in reality, Isray was actually back handedly praising the man who made him a richer billionaire. But above anything else, all Isray was actually doing with his words was protecting his new prized quarterback, Andrew Luck.

When the Broncos and Colts hit the field on Sunday night, the game outside the game will have already been played. Because up until kick-off there won't be any talk about Manning vs. Luck instead it'll be Manning vs. Irsay.

It's beautiful strategy by the Colts owner, who in a few well placed words and follow up, will manage to keep the story's legs churning until Sunday. Thus he's put more fire in a feud that doesn't really exist, so he can take the heat of Manning's replacement.

Got it?

In real terms, there's not much substance to the banter because in the end Manning didn't deliver the goods often enough to earn multiple Super Bowl trophies for his owner. Irsay made sure what matters in his book are the rings on his fingers not the stats that made Manning one rich man.

But before I fault Manning for failing to win more big post season games, he's hardly alone. Other great quarterbacks, hall of fame ones for that matter, have worn the same cleats as Manning folding under the playoff pressure and Super Bowl expectations for their elite franchises.

But this game Sunday night isn't about any of that. Instead, it's just a war of words with little purpose other than to fill the media coffers until the game does begin.

Sure it's fun banter to ride the mid-week down time until Sunday's NFL games. But in the end, it's much ado about nothing.

Does anyone else find this Manning Isray feud entertaining?

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