Texans vs. Chiefs Preview: Dial it Up

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On Sunday afternoon, the Kansas City Chiefs face a Houston Texans team that has their backs to the wall. They're already fading out of the AFC South picture and with an embattled quarterback, a head coach searching for answers and one of the best defensive players on the planet, they have one thing in mind.

At 6-0, the Kansas City Chiefs are the darlings of the NFL. In fact, thanks to their stellar play to date, the folks at CBS will be sending this game to most of the country as part of their Sunday doubleheader billing.

The Chiefs will get their opportunity to show the entire country they mean business. That being competing with the Denver Broncos for the AFC West Crown. But the Houston Texans won't be a pushover. Even with quarterback, Matt Schaub, not playing against the Chiefs, they can still win this game.

Granted back-ups T.J. Yates nor Case Keenum, Sunday's starter at Arrowhead, aren't household names, they are earning NFL salaries. So under the right circumstances, either can beat anyone.

The Chiefs on the other hand are flying high. But not putting away a struggling Texans team could stop the KC train from rolling to their first division title in a decade.

The Texans are wounded, beleaguered, frustrated and limping with self-doubt. But don't let that fool you one bit; they have the horses to keep Warpaint in the tunnel the entire game.

Now I can't see this happening. Because if the Chiefs do shine on Sunday it may turn out to be a coronation for the rest of the NFL to see how good this football has become. If the Chiefs are going to remove some doubters around the country, this is the game they have to take it up a notch on offense.

We all know outside of the fourth quarter, the Chiefs offense has struggled to be consistent in quarters one thru three. That has to change on Sunday. It doesn't have to be lights out (not until they face the Broncos) they can still punt here and there but they have to score points in the early quarters.
You know their defense is going to produce good field position. The offense knows no matter whom plays quarterback for the Texans; they aren't going to score many points.

So the offense has to do their part this week and that means Quarterback, Alex Smith, might have to take a few more chances with his big play receiver, Dwayne Bowe. If there is one thing that makes Bowe one of the games best receivers, he adjusts to the ball no matter where it's thrown.

Smith has a knack for throwing the ball to the back shoulder of his receiver. BY doing so, that forces his receiver to turn the opposite direction to catch the ball, which makes it nearly impossible for the ball to be intercepted.

Finally if Tight End, Anthony Fasano, does play this week getting him the ball over the middle will make things much easier on the outside for Smith to spread the rock all over the field.

That combination should be the third leg of the tripod. If Bowe and Fasano are getting the ball, All World Running Back, Jamaal Charles could show his counterpart, Arian Foster, who's the best in the land.

I fully expect the Chiefs will win this game. But in order for this team to evolve and become more rounded, the offense has to show more flash. Should that occur, this could be the stepping stone game this offense need to close the gap with Denver.

Is the toughest team the Chiefs will face before Denver?

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