13 Days to Denver: For Now Enjoy 9-0

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In what will be the biggest game this franchise has played since their 2004 playoff game at Arrowhead against the Colts, the Chiefs at 9-0 are about to learn much about themselves. Looming is their showdown with the Broncos. Between now and then, we'll get you ready with a 13-part series leading up to the epic AFC West battle.

After defeating the Buffalo Bills 23-13 on Sunday, Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach, Andy Reid, didn't make any excuses for the teams 9-0 record or how they did it. As he stated with a grin, as wide as Niagara Falls, every win in the NFL is a good one.

For nine weeks he's been the only head coach to say that with any longevity. For the Chiefs detractors, and there are many around the NFL, they continue to discount the teams 9-0 start and are doing their best to discredit what this organization has accomplished this season.

Let's be honest the Chiefs offense isn't close to what it might become when the playoffs kick-start in January. Defensively, I can't imagine them getting any better but it's not out of the possibility meter either. KC's special teams have been steady during the streak. That's because they just go about their business game in and game out.

Everyone knows I bleed Chiefs red but I'm also a realist, this team has been both lucky and good. No I'm not talking about the string of back-up quarterbacks the Chiefs have faced to get to 9-0. Instead, they've been fortunate individual players at key times in the game have made the kind of plays that turn a potential losses into gutsy wins.

That's something on the outside bubble people don't see. In each of the Chiefs nine wins this year, one or two players have made incredible plays at different times of the game to turn the tide. Granted it's the team concept in Kansas City that has fueled this remarkable rebuilding effort by Reid and his coaching staff, still when the game is on the line someone steps up.

With the Denver Broncos on the horizon, this Chiefs team finally gets its chance in front of the entire nation on Sunday Night Football, to show off their resiliency, toughness and whatever else they can muster to lay claim they are indeed the best team in the NFL.

Until then everyone is going to anoint the Broncos as the team to beat in the AFC. When it's all said and done that might very well be true. As the Chiefs sit now with two weeks to prepare for their division rival, Kansas City is in good position to get healthy, rest and enjoy their incredible start to the 2013 season.

Yes today is victory Monday for the Chiefs and that means something special. With the Bye Week ahead, Reid will probably give his players some time off this week. But knowing what's at stake Sunday after next, I'm not sure many players are going to drift too far away from the practice facility. I suspect if you polled them one by one this morning each would rather stay in Kansas City to begin preparation for the Broncos.

Either way they do deserve a break and they have earned the right to enjoy their 9-0 start with the rest of the Chiefs nation.

Since this crazy winning streak began (even though nobody will admit it publicly) there are those within the organization that have been salivating at the prospects of playing Denver.

The Chiefs final seven games will define their season but this one game, playing on the road against the team that everyone hails as the best in the NFL, will go a long way toward defining what this team has accomplished within their 9-0 start.

Should they somehow move to 10-0 my guess is that most, if not all of their critics, Chiefs fans will enjoy the humble pie they're about to be served.

For today, enjoy the win gentleman, you deserve a day to reflect on your improbable yet impressive record to date. However on Tuesday, it's time get ready for the Denver Broncos.

Enjoy the 9-0 start for a day.

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