12 Days to Denver: No Rest for Staff

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As our countdown to Denver continues, while the players are gone KC's staff needs to make some tweaks to show the rest of the NFL they plan to expose the Broncos.

Though I was partially against giving the players six days off before they have to report back to the Chiefs practice facility, perhaps it's the best thing. If this were other Chiefs teams under previous head coaches other than, Andy Reid, I'd say it was a bad idea.

In fourteen years as an NFL head coach, Reid is 13-1 after the bye week. So that tells me he has this thing pretty well figured out. The last thing he's going to do is mess up team chemistry and not give his players the time off they've earned.

After Tuesdays' practice concludes, Reid and his coaching staff will bid adieu to the players for six days. Though I had hoped he'd ask them to return on Sunday afternoon to watch as a team the San Diego Chargers Denver Broncos clash, that might not be prudent.

Then again since the players face those teams back to back to back, why not order up some Barbeque and drop the big screen for another serving of team chemistry. That may or may not happen. By all accounts Reid wants his players back bright and early Monday morning at the team complex.

One thing that Reid doesn't have to worry about with this group is they aren't likely to do anything to jeopardize the team by participating in anything that would derail their perfect season off the field.

In other words, I'd be shocked if any of them, though they may stretch the reference a bit, don't act like Choir Boys the next few days. Most will hang out with families while others will travel this weekend to catch the flavor of a college football game.

For the Coaches, no such breaks are allowed. This entire staff knows what's at stake a week from Sunday in Denver. A win and the Chiefs will put the Broncos two games back and hold the tiebreaker for the AFC West lead.

A loss and Denver moves atop the AFC with the Chiefs facing a must win game two weeks later at Arrowhead – where they will regain the division lead. However before that plays out the Chargers will host Denver next Sunday and if they have any visions of making the post season, they must win that game.

Still the coaches can't worry about that. They are seasoned enough to know what the Broncos can and can't do. They understand what their own team is capable of at this point of the season.

If the Chiefs are going to win this game, they are going to have to outsmart the Broncos. Granted Denver will be without Head Coach, John Fox, but that doesn't mean they are going to be any less prepared or focused.

Granted interim Head Coach, Jack Del Rio, does have NFL coaching experience from his days in Jacksonville. But most of the time he spent running the Jaguars was marred by average play.

The Chiefs know that won't factor into this game. Nor will it play out any scenario for the Broncos. As long as Quarterback, Peyton Manning, is running the offense, Del Rio will run the defense and it will be business as usual on both sides of the ball.

For Reid, this is anything but a business meeting. This week he and his coaches have to devise ways to show Denver new looks offensively. He has to create some level of surprise initially just to keep the Broncos retreating instead of attacking.

On the flip side, the Chiefs defense has seen enough of the Broncos recent film blueprint to see which weaknesses they can exploit and where they can successfully derail Manning and company. Because no matter how you slice this game up in your minds or hearts, the winner will be determined based on this singular match up – the Chiefs defense versus the Broncos offense.

It's not brain surgery and honestly no side is really going to surprise the other. But if the Chiefs want to move to 10-0 and bury the national naysayers who keep dogging their 9-0 start, KC's overall plan and their ability to execute it flawlessly without error, will determine how much respect this franchise receives the remainder of the season.

Coaching staff has to stay sharp during bye week.

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