9 Days to Denver: Enjoy Your Weekend

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We already know what the players are doing during the Bye Week. They've scattered to all parts of the country hanging with friends and family. But what about the loyal fans who love for Sunday football? What are we suppose to do without Chiefs football this weekend?

In three days, the Kansas City Chiefs coaching staff will welcome back their players. It will be at that time if the rest did the players any good or not. My guess is based on the way Head Coach, Andy Reid, treats the players in his locker room, and in return the respect they have for him, I can't see any player incidents that would jeopardize team chemistry.

Sure Boys will be Boys and I suspect until Monday morning a few of the players (ok maybe most of them) will be enjoying their warm vacation spots, late nights out on the town. But suspect each of them will take time to reflect on their 9-0 start.

But what about us mere mortals?

It's a mixed back for me personally. I have an acre full of leaves that need to be pushed to the big pile behind my barn, my house could use a serious cleaning and I should spend more time with my kids and family.

Then again, I could pass some of my idle time watching Sporting KC in the first leg of their Eastern Conference Finals on Saturday. Further, I might sip a little college football flavor or clean out my DVR of shows I've missed since this nine game winning streak began.

Either way like you, I will probably watch Sunday's Chargers Broncos game to get my blood re-boiled for the big match up in Denver a week from Sunday night. I'm glad it's the late game on CBS that way I can accomplish (if motivated) a few things I've been avoiding for nine weeks.

In reflecting on the Chiefs 9-0 start, not many of us want to get away from the passion and re-birth we feel about this franchise. In fact, I've worn more Chiefs gear in public this week than at any point I can remember the last decade.

As part of the press carousel, we can't wear our pride of colors in the locker room or on game day. It's a shame really but rules are rules. However, this weekend I can wear my Chiefs red while sitting on my couch this Sunday with the singular goal to max out my NFL Sunday Ticket usage. It's there I can use the time to study up on a few of the teams the Chiefs might be facing in the post season.

See there I go again back to work.

I'm going to vegetate on the couch when I should do all of things I mentioned on my to do list. But like most Chiefs fans, I'll probably watch football wall to wall until I fall asleep. Maybe that's what we all should do.

Still as I take this weekend to reflect on the Chiefs wonderful start, their hold on first place in the AFC West and the insanely contagious buzz I feel about this football team, it crystallizes why I'm a Kansas City fan.

At my age, I've seen it all. But I've not quite seen anything like this. In years past, the Chiefs were expected to win but didn't. Other times, like this season, they've come out of nowhere to shock the NFL.

When the year began, I firmly stated the Chiefs would be 10-6 and a playoff team. Now that prognostication sounded good back then it doesn't remotely sound as good now. Still I'm not going to be overly greedy about this team. The Chiefs, no matter how far they go this season, will still be playing with house money.

This team is so young in certain areas. They are still adapting to new coaches, players and schemes but in 2014, they could be simply magical.

No matter the level of fandom you live within I maintain this undeniable fact under the Chiefs new leadership structure, Chiefs football is here to stay for the conceivable future. In other words, this franchise has turned the corner.

As a fan first, it's hard for me to temper my enthusiasm each week. I so want to let it go like I did last weekend screaming at my TV in the first quarter when I thought the Chiefs were going to lose to the Bills. After the way in which they won that game, I'm just not going there again. This team is too reliant for me to panic in any manner until the fourth quarter. Even then, I probably won't buy into my neurotic temptations.

In reality, what I've gathered to date is the Chiefs have a firm hold on the magic dust the NFL Gods have dumped on this entire organization. Since January, they've made all the right moves in the off season.

On the field, the luck of the ball has bounced the Chiefs direction in each of their nine victories. In the stands and within the community, the entire Chiefs nation has fortified and taken on the personality of this undefeated football team.

To seal the bond, Arrowhead is once again the loudest stadium in the NFL. It's a place that no team will ever feel at ease playing in the confines of the house that Lamar Hunt built.

So as you go about your weekend, take a few minutes to appreciate the things outside of football you have in your life and enjoy the fact you have the privilege to root for the Kansas City Chiefs.

After all a year ago at this time, the Chiefs were the worst franchise in the NFL. Now they're one of – if not – the very best franchises in the game today.

What are Chiefs fans suppose to do without football?

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