4 Days to Denver: Handle the Distraction

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Like many Kansas City Chiefs fans on Tuesday learning the news that star wide receiver, Dwayne Bowe, was arrested late Sunday night certainly set off a wave of emotions. Granted he's innocent until proven guilty this is a distraction the Chiefs didn't need this week.

For those that listened to the Out of Bounds Podcast Sunday Night, we made reference to the fact, we didn't hear of any Bye Week legal issues regarding members of the Kansas City Chiefs. Well that was short lived. Just hours upon completing our show Wide Receiver, Dwayne Bowe, was arrested for allegedly speeding and possession of Marijuana.

Now this column isn't going to debate the legality of the substance nor is it going to be over the top sarcastic in regards to the substance in question; that's not currently banned by the NFL.

I suspect in the off-season the NFLPA and the Ownership committee will have a serious debate about the green stuff. However based on the fact it's legal in some states, there probably isn't anything either side can do at this point to ban it.

That aside, Bowe is alleged to have had the substance on his person or on the person of the man traveling with him in his car. That doesn't mean he was guilty of using it nor should we assume he did at this point. Eventually, like always is the case in these matters that aren't swept under the rug immediately, the truth will ultimately come out.

There are several the Chiefs organization can handle this. I remember when players got in trouble under Marty Schottenhiemer and Dick Vermeil; he made them face the media until the final question had been answered.

Under Andy Reid and John Dorsey, we have no idea their stance because this is something they've yet to deal with in Kansas City. So will they take disciplinary action on the eve of the biggest game of the season? They very well may.

Will the Chiefs brass suspend Bowe for one game, the rest of the season or give him a slap on the wrist? Whatever they do it has to be swift and decisive.

Further, how does this affect his contract in 2014 and beyond? I'm sure there were clauses in his contract should Bowe be convicted of any crimes that could void the length of the agreement.

So there is a lot at stake for the Chiefs in regards to Bowe. But they can't hide from it nor should they. In the age of the social media virus that's spread throughout this country, Bowe's booking picture has been a fixture the last 24 hours.

That means the Chiefs organization has to resolve this internally as quick as possible before the players hit the field on Wednesday. That's because the Broncos await, and though they've had their police blotter filled with numerous incidents this off-season, they probably could care less how Kansas City deals with this distraction.

In the end, this really boils down to the message this organization wants to deliver to the other 52 men in the locker room who avoided a confrontation with the law this past week.

By the time some of you have read this article, the verdict and statement will be made by Andy Reid. As of Wednesday morning, nothing had been said or hinted to the media. However, my gut tells me he will play on Sunday against the Broncos.

For Bowe, he's probably at a crossroads in his NFL career. He can either use this experience, and any punishment that follows, to regain control of a once promising career. He's a good young man with a heart of gold. His charity work in the community and his love affair with Chiefs fans can't be disputed.

So whatever steps the organization takes on Wednesday, I hope they consider the short and long term affects. Again, I'm not opposed to benching Bowe for the Broncos game. Beyond that, I might find it hard pressed to find a more decisive punishment until the judge delivers the final verdict.

I am confident after today's practice this story will move to the back burner. Sure NBC will talk about it on their Sunday Night pre-game show but by then it will have died down to a whisper in Kansas City.

Either way the Chiefs need to embrace the off the field incident and move past it as quick as it happened. If they do nothing in regards to a suspension, then I suspect they already have dealt with it in house.

Are you ok with Bowe playing Sunday Night?

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