3 Days to Denver: Built to Defeat Broncos

Chiefs LB Tamba Hali

Though Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach, Andy Reid, dismissed the idea to reporters that his team was constructed in the off season to defeat the Denver Broncos, intent or not Sunday night we'll find out if that statement was correct or not.

On Wednesday, reporters asked Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach, Andy Reid, if the team he built in the off-season was designed to defeat the Denver Broncos. Of course, he denied the building thought. Instead he insisted the intent was to construct a good team that could compete this year and the years ahead.

When Reid took the job in January, he insisted as part of the deal, former Green Bay Packers Director of Player Personnel, John Dorsey come to Kansas City to handle the General Manager duties.

This Sunday Night in Denver Reid and Dorsey are about to find out what I've suspected since last January, this team was constructed to defeat the Broncos in 2013 and beyond.

When the Chiefs traded for Quarterback, Alex Smith, they knew his game managing, time of possession traits would certainly cut down on KC's offensive turnover woes.

Last season the Chief turned the ball over at a record pace. Thus if this franchise was going to start winning again, they needed a quarterback who could run a mistake free offense. Enter Mr. Smith and his calm unflappable nature.

On defense, the changing of the guard began with the addition of Bob Sutton as the teams new defensive coordinator. He brought a fresh attitude to a team loaded with Pro Bowl talented players.

With the base in hand, Dorsey knew he needed more punch defensively. So he signed some free agents to round out KC's defense. Among them cornerback Sean Smith, defensive end Mike Devito, linebacker Akeem Jordan, safety Quintin Demps and cornerback Marcus Cooper, those additions ultimately fortified an already strong unit.

If you look at the Chiefs defense as a whole, they bring experience and talent to a roster that simply needed better coaching and leadership. Still you can't argue that to a man KC's defense does match up very well against the Broncos high-octane offense.

With Smith running the show on offense, he doesn't possess the ability to put up gaudy numbers but he finds ways to win games by making good decisions when he delivers the ball to all points on the field. In leading the Chiefs to a 9-0 start, you'd have to assume he's managed to do that in high fashion.

Still that's not enough to rival the offensive prowess of the Denver Broncos that's why the team added more players on defense.

After delivering the goods for nine straight wins, the Chiefs defense has the opportunity Sunday night to make believers out of the rest of the league. Internally for Reid, his coaching staff and Dorsey, this game could ultimately be the turning point for the Chiefs prowess the next five seasons.

That's why I wasn't buying into what Reid said to the members of the media on Wednesday in regards to the off season re-building plan.

That's because the chiefs defensive line has the bulk up front to collapse the pocket, on the edge pass rushing linebackers that can pile up sacks, strong physical athletic cornerbacks, active safeties and a knack for rising to the occasion when as a unit they need to make a stop or create a turnover to seal a victory.

To this point in the season, they've led the charge defensively and Sunday night will be no different. So unless Smith has an uncharacteristic 300-yard passing game, KC's defense, the one that wasn't built to beat Denver, will have to do just that to win this AFC West showdown.

Even with a hobbled, Peyton Manning, the Broncos offense is the best in the NFL while KC's defense is the best in the NFL. So Sunday Night, something has to give in that regard.

If it's the Chiefs defense that wins this epic battle, I think we can all debunk the comments made by Reid this week that this team, especially on defense, wasn't constructed to defeat Denver.

Will the Chiefs defense rise to the occasion on Sunday Night?

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