Subtle But Solid Roster Moves by KC

DT Kyle Love

Over the last two weeks Kansas City Chiefs General Manager John Dorsey has made three relatively quiet moves that have made his football team better. So will these moves have an impact the rest of the season?

Over the last two weeks, General Manager, John Dorsey, activated CB/S Sanders Commings, claimed veteran wide receiver Kyle Williams off waivers and on Tuesday signed defensive tackle, Kyle Love to a one-year contract.

So with the Chiefs in the midst of the toughest stretch of the season, will any of these players make an impact?

1. Sanders Commings - When he broke his collarbone over the summer the Chiefs secondary took a hit. Commings spent his collegiate career as a fierce hitter with the athletic chops to play cornerback and safety. Where he ends up in Kansas City remains to be seen but having him on the active roster can only help this team defensively.

With his reputation as a hitter, Commings does bring fresh legs to the defense. On Sunday night against the Broncos, he made a bone-jarring hit on Broncos Running Back, Knowshon Moreno. It's that type of play that could aid the Chiefs secondary.

It remains to be seen what he can do in pass coverage but if his college credentials follow him to the NFL, he certainly gives Defensive Coordinator, Bob Sutton, more options in designing coverage and blitz packages.

In fact, the more he gets comfortable over the next six games could enhance the Chiefs ability to stop some of the pass happy teams they'll be facing the next six games and throughout the post season.

2. Kyle Williams - I'm not sure the fascination the Chiefs have with former San Francisco 49ers wide receivers but when Williams was placed on waivers last week, the Chiefs didn't' hesitate to claim him.

Before the start of the regular season, the Chiefs shipped off Jonathan Baldwin to the 49ers in exchange for receiver, A.J. Jenkins. So far he's had little impact on the field but he does posses great speed. Then again this is just his second year in the NFL so he still has a ceiling. How high remains to be seen.

Williams has been in the NFL since 2010 and he's seasoned enough in the West Coast offense, that he and his former quarterback, Alex Smith, should be able to get on the same page in short order. Williams also has special teams experience that could boost that unit down the stretch.

The Chiefs main receivers, Dwayne Bowe and Donnie Avery, have been anything but efficient for KC's offense. They continue to drop balls, run less than crisp routes. Both have showed abilities to make plays but their lack of concentration has stalled the Chiefs offense.

That means Williams could see more time at wide receiver this week against the San Diego Chargers and the following week against the Broncos. If that turns out to be the case, Williams might be one of those late season additions that could impact the Chiefs vertically down the stretch.

3. DT Kyle Love - When Dontari Poe logged virtually every defensive snap in Sunday night's Broncos game, it became apparent he could have used some time off. The Chiefs had Anthony Toribio as a back up but his play to date this season was largely ineffective.

Though that might have been the intent of the move initially with Chiefs Defensive Ends, Mike Devito and Tyson Jackson, both dinged up in the Broncos game, Dorsey was wise to add Love.

The former New England Patriot and Jacksonville Jaguar defensive tackle has logged some NFL miles. But he's been out of the NFL since the start of the regular season. Though he's made his rounds trying to land a new job, it wasn't until Tuesday before received an offer.

Part of the problem in finding a new team for Love is the fact he was diagnosed with Type-2 Diabetes. That's far different than Type-1 because his condition does not require insulin. Still that medical item caused NFL teams to shy away from Love.

However, the Chiefs didn't feel that way. Thus after his private workout on Tuesday, they quickly added him to the roster. In my book of the three additions Dorsey made, Love could have the biggest impact.

Going forward the Chiefs defense might have to shift some of their front looks from a 3-4 to 4-3. That means lining up Love next to Poe could do wonders for the Chiefs defense and their attempts to stop the run and collapse the pocket against opposing quarterbacks.

What they learned in their battle with Denver on Sunday was they lacked enough girth to push the pocket back into Manning and company. So adding another 300-pound plus defensive tackle should boost the Chiefs defensive line.

Of the three new Chiefs, which will make the biggest impact?

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