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The promise is gone and so is the luster of the 9-0 start that made the Chiefs the talk of the NFL. In a must win game against the Denver Broncos, Head Coach Andy Reid needs to be reminded the games best running back, needs to be featured in the Red Zone.

For all the good Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach, Andy Reid, has done for his football team, he continues to make key blunders that for the third straight week are turning potential wins into predictable defeats.

On Sunday facing a first and goal on the opening drive of the game from the one-yard line, he called for a role out pass from Quarterback, Alex Smith that was intercepted in the end zone. That ended a picture perfect drive and nullified the potential for a quick 7-0 Chiefs lead against the Denver Broncos.

In that situation, he tried to be cute and fancy instead of ramming the ball up the gut with his best offensive player who was an innocent bystander on the play. It's first and goal from the one-yard line. Are you serious?

Late in the game looking for the game tying touchdown with a first and ten from the Broncos 19-yard line, Reid never gave the ball to running back, Jamaal Charles. In fact, I don't think Charles touched the ball but one time on the final drive of the game.

Reid came to the Chiefs with head scratching game management, which we saw last Sunday when he called a needless timeout that only helped the Chargers win the game.

Against the Broncos he choked on using the challenge flag at the end of the first quarter that clearly pointed out on replay; that Denver failed to reach the first down marker. On the next play, the Broncos scored a touchdown.

Still he's not alone in the coaching blunders. Defensive Coordinator Bob Sutton, never doubled teamed Broncos wide receiver, Eric Decker, at any point in this game. You'd think after the second of his four touchdown romps, he would have made the adjustment.

His defensive plan was flawed from the start and the fact he didn't make any adjustments on Decker, who basically ran the same route time and time again, falls on his shoulders.

The fact Chiefs safety, Kendrick Lewis, who needs to be benched, didn't ever come over the top knowing Manning and Decker were in a zone, tells me he isn't getting it either or Sutton's defensive play calling is as flawed as Reid's red zone schemes.

But he wasn't the only culprit. Cornerback, Brandon Flowers, picked a hideous time to play his worst game as a Chief. It matched the effort from rookie cornerback, Marcus Cooper, who again was beaten like a drum for the third straight week.

As you can tell my tone isn't a good one. The fact Reid' offensive genius continues to make huge blunders certainly has to bring into question the following; perhaps the Chiefs have too many cooks on the headsets.

Perhaps Reid might be the one who needs sit on the sidelines and turn the game over to his offensive coordinator, Doug Pederson or Brad Childress, who acts as the spread game analyst. In other words, he's the eye in the coaches' box for Reid and the man he probably trusts the most.

Charles is the best running back in the NFL but the head coach refuses to use him in key situations. Someone has to get into his headset that Charles is his go to guy on offense. If not, put him on the bench and quit making him be a blocker in the passing game.

With the 35-28 loss to the Broncos, the Chiefs have four games left to get playoff ready. But even if they slide into the fifth or sixth spot in the post season, they will be a one and done participant until the head coach quits telling the world after each mounting loss, that he needs to do a better job in those situations. All fans want him to do is do the job he's getting paid to do.

Further he has to trust his star is going to make any play he dials up.

Chiefs fans don't want to hear that garbage anymore about coaches saying they need to improve. It's too late for that nonsense. It's been twenty years since this franchise has won a meaningful game at Arrowhead. That means Reid better get that into his coaching headset soon or the fans, who loved the hire, will turn on him faster than Wednesday's expected spring to bitter cold overnight temperature plunge.

For those that aren't convinced my point is valid, let me put it this way. Reid's refusal to use Charles at the goal line or late in games would be like the Broncos not putting the ball into the hands of Quarterback, Peyton Manning.

Through nine games Reid was a lock for NFL coach of the year. Now I'm not so sure he's worthy of an honorable mention nod.

I can't speak for anyone else but he's lost my vote.

Can the Chiefs make amends for back to back losses?

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