Colts Chiefs Preview: Scoreboard Watching?

Let's be honest about what's going to take place on Sunday afternoon at Arrowhead. The fans in the stands are going to be watching the Chiefs host the Colts and every one of them will also be scoreboard watching to see if the Texans can upset the Broncos.

On Sunday afternoon in the cold frigid temperatures of December, the Kansas City Chiefs will attempt to be a rude host to the Indianapolis Colts. The goal this weekend is to pummel the very team that quite likely the Chiefs will face in round one of the playoffs.

For the majority of Chiefs fans in attendance, as the game unfolds in front of them, many will be glued to the scoreboard, their cell phones and the plethora of Television sets positioned within every nook and cranny inside Arrowhead Stadium to get constant updates on the Denver Broncos road contest against the Houston Texans.

If the Chiefs win and the Broncos lose, KC's magic number to become AFC West champs and garner home field advantage throughout the playoffs in the AFC will be one. That one however would have to be earned with a road victory in San Diego. But at that point, the Chargers would likely be eliminated from post-season contention.

In facing the Colts this weekend, the Chiefs can't take this game lightly. Even though Indianapolis is a shell of a team that defeated the top two teams in the NFC West (San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks) and the Chiefs only competition in the AFC West this season, they've shown little to zero consistency since those signature wins.

To say they've backed into the playoffs is simply dead on accurate. They play in the worst division in football the AFC South. The combatants within their division the Jaguars, Titans and Texans have hardly proven to be adversarial opponents for the Colts.

But as Chiefs fans get ready for the Colts game, we are hoping, praying and wishing, the Texans can defeat the Wes Welker less Broncos on their home turf Sunday afternoon. With the number one overall pick in Aprils draft nearly a lock; they can go all out in attempting to defeat the mighty Broncos.

If that happens, then this miraculous season in Kansas City can continue to create even more drama heading into the final week of the season.

So is it even possible or remote to believe the Chiefs, who are woeful against the Indy version of the Colts at home and on the road, to really believe if the Texans pull off the upset, the Chiefs can take care of the business at hand on Sunday against Indy?

My gut tells me the Broncos are going to falter either this Sunday or a week later against the Oakland Raiders. I'm just not sold they can win games without Welker. To that end, believe it or not, the Texans and Raiders possess some of the best front seven defensive fronts in the NFL that could alter the Broncos offensive capabilities.

In my view, if the lowly Chargers defense can shut down Manning and company, the units in Houston and Oakland, certainly can get the job done.

Still the key for the Chiefs is not to lay an egg when they play the Colts as they've done for all but once when these two teams have matched up in the regular season. Granted most of those defeats came under the guidance of Manning but still there is an omen of failure that has to be rectified.

The Chiefs, after a dismal three game losing streak, that ultimately could cost them the #1 seed and the AFC West crown, are only getting better as a football team. Despite some defensive lapses the last month, the Chiefs offense might be the most feared next to the Broncos in the NFL.

That's why it's important KC's defense sets the tone against Colts Quarterback, Andrew Luck, this weekend. Though he doesn't have a strong running game at his disposal and his top receiver, Reggie Wayne, is out for the season, he still has the skills to put up 400 yards passing on the Chiefs.

Offensively the Chiefs should have their way with the Colts especially if the weather is cold, snowy or damp. Indy hasn't played too many cold weather games so the Chiefs certainly have the advantage on Sunday with their high-powered running game and short passing attack.

If all that plays out and the Chiefs do take care of business on Sunday, they will turn their attention to the aftermath of the Broncos Texans match to learn if their game at San Diego means everything or nothing at all.

However, until that definitive moment on Sunday, defeating the Colts is all that matters for the Chiefs.

Will you be scoreboard watching on Sunday?

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