Where's the Honor?

Where's the Honor?

Don't think for a minute I'm upset the Kansas City Chiefs told the agent for Emmanuel Sanders to take a flying leap on Saturday night. However, it's unfortunate the angst over the way his agent, Steve Weinberg, misled as many as three NFL teams, ultimately benefits the Denver Broncos.

As we first told you on Saturday the Kansas City Chiefs, were nearing a deal with free agent Wide Receiver, Emmanuel Sanders. At one point, the two sides had agreed to a deal in principle, documents were being drawn up to consummate the contract and press release were to follow shortly thereafter.

However, Steve Weinberg, the agent for Sanders, decided to take the Chiefs verbally consummated agreement to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and ultimately to the Denver Broncos. He did all that without notifying either party they had reached an agreement with the Chiefs.

Weinberg only represents two NFL clients. He was decertified by the NFLPA back in 2003 and was just recently reinstated – perhaps that was a mistake. At the time he was barred from acting as an NFL agent, he had 42 clients.

I know it's common for agents to shop deals to other teams but when you agree to a deal in principle and lie about it to other teams, that breaks the honor code between agents and NFL General Managers.

Per our sources, things became very heated between Kansas City Chiefs General Manager, John Dorsey, and Weinberg once he found out Sanders agent was still negotiating with other NFL teams.

In fact, per a report from Ian Rapoport at NFL.com, Weinberg had discussions with the Bucs and never indicated he had an agreement with the Chiefs.

In the article, his source (not hard to figure out who that might be Chiefs fans), said the following. "This was one of the worst situations in modern football negotiations," one executive involved said. "Totally wrong. This needs to be stopped."

We all know the NFL is a business but there is an honor amongst the thieves in free agency. If you say you have a deal, you don't go lying to other teams that you don't – for any reason.

To be fair, I don't know all the facts that led to his decertification years ago but the fact he diverted funds to offshore accounts, isn't something I'd think any NFL player would want to be associated within the league.

The fact Emmanuel recently hired Weinberg tells me he didn't do his homework either. Sadly the only person who will suffer in this case is Emmanuel. He'll head to the Broncos for a few more bucks while leaving Kansas City after he broke his word – via his agent – that he was going to be a Chief.

For me, if Emmanuel does his due diligence this morning after the flap that will arise over the contract situation in Kansas City, he should do some real soul searching this morning before signing his contract. After all, he not this agent will have to explain this mess to his brethren in the NFLPA that may look into this situation and the agent that represented his so-called best interests.

As far as Weinberg goes, rest assured the anger that rests within the Chiefs, Bucs and even San Francisco 49ers, who were expecting him to honor his clients visit on Saturday, will likely prevent Weinberg from representing any other NFL clients in the future. Or let's put it this way. As it was stated to me emphatically Saturday evening while Sanders was spending the night at a KCI hotel awaiting his flight to Denver Sunday morning, the Chiefs will never negotiate with any clients represented by Weinberg now or in the future.

Though NFL General Managers have a competitive nature; they don't disrespect one another when it comes to the type of shenanigans that Weinberg played out over the last 24 hours. In Kansas City, it's clear that Dorsey was tipped off about the antics from one of his NFL counterparts and he acted appropriately by pulling the contract offer. He did the right thing.

Still for Chiefs fans they're seeing the Denver Broncos get a really good football player. Even worse it appears that John Elway, the man behind the Super Bowl runner-ups, doesn't really care about the way in which Sanders came to the Mile High City. He's just glad he got him.

So where's the honor between division rivals? Clearly it doesn't exist in Denver.

However, the final say in this matter actually rests within the NFL League office who has the power to veto any contract if they suspect foul play.

Are you upset the Chiefs lost Emmanuel to the Broncos?

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