Mr. Smith in KC?

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With a few modest post season moves to date and the NFL draft just a week away, the Kansas City Chiefs haven't added much wow factor to the roster. But there is one player with local ties, that could impact their roster in a big way.

The Kansas City Chiefs have yet to make any big splash in the offseason. Bringing in lesser known talents like, Joe Mays and Jeff Linkenbach, plus retaining Husain Abdullah aren't going to grab any headlines.

Nor are those moves going to scare anyone, except perhaps new Oakland QB Matt Schaub, who still doesn't seem to have mentally recovered from the hit Mays laid on him a couple years ago. However that smash aside, the recent headlines surrounding a former Kansas City native could give the Chiefs an opportunity to make that big splash.

Aldon Smith, the 49ers immensely talented pass rusher is available. His career has been turbulent, in his 2nd season Smith amassed 19.5 sacks and earned 1st team all-pro honors; last year, amidst legal issues he took a step back, but was still a force in the games in which he played.

Pass rushers the caliber of Aldon Smith just don't come available every day, and much less at this low of a price. Due to his numerous off the field issues, Smith might be had for a conditional 5th or 6th round pick.

San Francisco has given Smith a lot of chances to grow up but it's clear he may have worn his welcome. However, due to his overwhelming talent and potential there's no way they could get away with outright releasing him.

So that begs the question, should the Chiefs bring Aldon home. Would the friendly confines of returning to the Show Me State? If so it could discard the remains of the troubles that have plagued his career with the 49ers.

In my view, it's a move the Chiefs must make. Why must the Chiefs make this move? It's as simple as one, two, three.

First and foremost, Tamba Hali is not getting any younger or cheaper. In fact, the money factor aside, his statistics are going to continue to be in decline as he gets older. The Chiefs salary cap issues this year stem in large part due to a pair of immensely overpaid roster Pro Bowl players, Eric Berry and Tamba Hali.

Hali in particular will earn $11 million dollars this season. When you factor his 2013 productivity of 11 sacks a season ago that's a cool million a piece.

Granted on the sack deprived Chiefs that's a solid number. But not for an aging veteran. Especially, when you look across the field at Justin Houston whose production is much higher. Add Smith to the mix with Houston and suddenly the Chiefs would have fearsome pass rushing duo. Even better for the cost of getting it done, which includes signing Houston to a long-term contract, acquiring Smith now gives you the multiple options of trading or cutting Hali before the start of the 2014 regular season.

Secondly, the Chiefs need pass rush help. The defensive collapse the second half of last season is easy to blame on safety, Kendrick Lewis and Cornerback, Marcus Cooper. But something that was overlooked was the sharp decline in number of quarterback pressures, sacks, and hurries caused by our inconsistent front seven.

The demise began when both the Buffalo Bills and Cleveland Browns, used quick release passing plays that showed the Chiefs overall defensive weakness. In consecutive weeks, they exposed our defense. That set the table for Peyton Manning and Phillip Rivers to zero in on that chip in the armor of KC's defense. It turned a small crack into a gaping hole that never got closed the rest of the year.

Adding Smith, even if Hali remains on the roster, gives the Chiefs another player with a proven track record that must be accounted for on defense. At 6'5" and 255 pounds, it's not out of the question to ask Aldon to put his hand on the ground in pass rushing situations allowing both Hali and Houston to remain on the field with him.

How's that for a nickel defensive look? Poe and Smith down with Hali and Houston standing up, even Peyton Manning wouldn't be able to release it quick enough to fight that off.

Finally the team must get better defensively if they want to reach eight wins. While I'm a proponent of the ‘Build Through the Draft' mantra the regime continues to preach, you have to have multiple draft picks in order to build a team from the draft up. With just six picks picks this year and just a pair of them in the first three rounds, two in the top 100 doesn't bode well for the proposition of building through the draft.

Now, I know trading away a 2014 draft pick for Smith doesn't seem to solve that problem. But in 2015, the Chiefs are going to have some extra selections thanks to the free agent departures of Branden Albert, Dexter McCluster, Tyson Jackson and Geoff Schwartz. That could mean at least four compensatory picks next April.

That would more than make up the Chiefs short term loss if they parted with a fourth rounder for Smith this year. Though I'm not sure even the 49ers today feel this way but a player of Smith's caliber is worth at least a second rounder.

But with his history off the field, the asking price has to lower than his actual on the field value. If the Chiefs gave up a conditional fifth or even both their sixth round picks this year, they could offer a return pick in 2015 in the fourth round.

It's been well documented that San Francisco and Kansas City have done multiple deals together over the last several decades. The most recent was the deal that sent a pair of second round picks from the Chiefs to the 49ers for Quarterback, Alex Smith.

The former first overall pick needed a change, and the Chiefs under Andy Reid, who loves giving guys another shot at NFL stardom, would be a perfect coach for Alden Smith to resurrect his NFL career. It worked out well for Alex Smith so why can't the Chiefs strike gold twice with Aldon.

However, as I stated above, there are other factors in play that don't just make it logical. Yet if the Chiefs defense wants to compete with the Broncos and Chargers this season, it's a move that needs to be made.

Would you give up multiple draft picks for Aldon Smith?

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