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QB Aaron Murray

It wasn't that long ago when the Green Bay Packers, and their Director of College Scouting, John Dorsey, decided to take Aaron Rodgers with the 24th overall selection of the 2005 draft.

The Packers had a plan, a plan that was designed to let Rodgers learn and develop under one of the all-time greats, Brett Favre. John Dorsey is now the general manager of the Kansas City Chiefs. Could he potentially go this route again in the 2014 draft, but with a middle round pick? It appears that could be a possibility as the Chiefs met with Georgia quarterback, Aaron Murray, the day before his pro day on April 16th.

Now, I know what you might be thinking, "Is he really comparing Chiefs starting quarterback Alex Smith to Brett Favre? And Aaron Murray to Aaron Rodgers?" Well, the answer is no, not skill wise.

However, the situation has some similarities, as listed above, other than Rodgers and Murray sharing the same first name.

Aaron Murray has always been a guy most NFL scouts believe has a high ceiling. In fact, had he declared for last year's draft, there's a good chance he would of not only been a first round pick, but a top 10 pick.

This draft is a different story for Murray. Most scouts project Murray to land anywhere between the 2nd and 4th rounds of the draft. So how does one's stock fall so much in a one-year span?

Last November Murray tore his ACL in the left knee on a non-contact play during Senior Night. This immediately raised questions about Murray's durability. Murray has been nicked up at times throughout his career and the ACL injury is obviously a concern for NFL teams.

Amazingly, Murray bounced back strong from the injury and managed to participate in his pro day just five months after he went down. Murray was impressive during his pro day completing 48 of 54 passes with three of those incompletions being labeled as "drops."

Looking past the knee and his quick recovery, there is much to like about Murray's NFL potential. First and foremost, Murray comes from a pro-style offense, the same offense that has produced Detroit Lions starting quarterback, Matthew Stafford. Murray not only played in a pro-style offense, but produced in a pro-style offense. In all four seasons as Georgia's starting quarterback, Murray threw for at least 3,000 yards, which helped him to climb to the top of the SEC's all-time passing yards leader.

In his career, Murray found the end zone frequently as well completing 121 touchdown passes throughout his career, which also happens to be an SEC record. Murray put up all these records in the SEC, arguably the toughest conference in college football. Another thing to find intriguing with Murray is his arm-strength, especially on his deep ball. Murray has shown the ability to throw a pretty deep ball with awesome touch.

He's also shown the ability to be agile in the pocket, scrambling, re-setting his feet, and throwing the football with zip from many different arm-slots. Stack all of these physical attributes with the outstanding intelligence Murray possesses, and you have yourself a stud prospect. There is one more knock on Murray besides the durability issues, however.

Murray is a little short in stature for the NFL quarterback position at just 6'1". While this will drive some teams away from Murray, do I even have to mention the NFL success of 5'11" Russell Wilson, 6'0" Drew Brees, or even 6'2" Andy Dalton? One final thought in regards to height, keep in mind how much success Andy Reid had with the 6'2" Donavan McNabb in Philadelphia.

Altogether, with the absence of a second round pick, John Dorsey and the Kansas City Chiefs probably have more important needs to address in the third round of the draft rather than QB. What if Aaron Murray is available in the fourth round?

Sounds like a potential steal in the making.

A lot of this comes down to how much faith the Chiefs have in their un-drafted free agent quarterback out of Tennessee, Tyler Bray. Does Kansas City want Bray to continue to develop under Alex Smith and Andy Reid? Or do they want someone with more up-side in Murray to possibly be this team's quarterback of the future?

Alex Smith will turn 30 this May and the Chiefs have yet to extend his contract, Further Smith is in the prime of his career. So that probably suggests the quarterback position will be on the back-burner for the Chiefs during the 2014 draft. But the fact that the Chiefs sat down with Murray last month makes fans wonder: do the Chiefs see a potential steal, and quarterback of the future, in Aaron Murray?

We'll find out in a few days.

Is Aaron Murray the real deal?

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