First Impression Sealed the Deal for KC

When the Kansas City Chiefs decided to select Auburn Defensive End Dee Ford, they did so after one initial meeting with sixty draft eligible players sitting in a room at the NFL combine. That love at first sight feeling was more than enough to engineer his selection Thursday night.

At the NFL Combines last February, the Kansas City Chiefs entourage sat in a room with a bunch of prospective draft picks. After the short fifteen-minute session, General Manager, John Dorsey, came away from the interview with a tremendous feeling about Auburn Defensive Tackle, Dee Ford.

That feeling, as Dorsey described in addressing the media late Thursday night, was more than enough that he and his head coach, Andy Reid, both felt Ford earned his slot atop their draft board when the Chiefs were on the clock in the first round.

"We sat him in the sixty-player interview at the combine, he left and all of us were going, ‘This is a good kid.' You guys are going to love him tomorrow when he gets here. One of our scouts got a text from the head coach at Auburn saying, ‘You just got a champion.' You guys will see that tomorrow when he comes in for the interview," Dorsey said of his new draft pick.

Ford is a rare athlete who works hard and has the confidence to be an elite level pass rusher in the NFL. His skill set is sorely needed in Kansas City. And even though the Chiefs had other needs, Ford was the guy both the General Manager and his head coach felt was someone the team could not afford to pass up.

"Tremendous person and extremely high motor on the football field. Very intelligent player," Head Coach Andy Reid stated after the selection of Ford.

"He played his best football at the end of the year, the championship game was tremendous. He had a great Senior Bowl, he was probably healthiest during that period atthe Senior Bowl. He's somebody that we add into Bob (Sutton's) defense and really becomes a guy that can mix in with Tamba (Hali) and Justin (Houston) and all of the good rushers, (Dontari) Poe, that we have. You need that in the AFC West, along with the divisions we're playing this year."

But the key in selecting Ford, which surprised some Chiefs fans, was Reid's philosophy of adding football players that bring heart and passion to the game. As we mentioned after the pick was made last night, the Chiefs are void of defensive playmakers. Ford appears to have that star quality in him and he's the type of player that isn't phased by the big games he'll encounter in the NFL.

"He's a relentless football player. He's going to give you an honest snap every snap, tremendous motor, great attitude. All those intangibles are really positive. I've told you this before, your offensive line, your defensive line, they make everyone around them much better, so if they're playing at a high level, it works out pretty good for you. Sometimes they're not the flashiest picks in the world, but there is no time that's more obvious than when you're in the playoffs," Reid stated.

For Ford, he wasn't shocked to be taken in the first round. He was laying that claim for months that's where he expected to be selected. Many consider him one of the top three or four pass rushers in this draft. Despite some injuries, Ford had 10.5 sacks for the Auburn Tigers last season.

Still talent aside, the Chiefs understood that Ford is taking nothing for granted on his journey from college standout to NFL rookie. Even though he has a bit of a swagger and is extremely confident with his words, he believes he can back it up at the NFL level. But that doesn't mean the moment he learned he was indeed a first round draft pick was something he's ever going to forget.

"I'm at a loss for words because it's such a blessing to have your dreams come true," Ford said. "I'm very personable, that' why I talk a lot. I'm big on communication. I feel like that's a very good thing for me. I'm not quiet, I do state my mind. I was definitely speechless."

For the Chiefs, that's precisely the kind of player you want from the first round draft pick. It was imperative for Kansas City to select a first round talent that can get on the field opening day.

From all accounts Ford has the motor and the chops to make sure he starts a new trend of first round draft picks that make an impact in Kansas City.

Still not convinced?

"I'm concerned with things that I can control, coming into this organization and being a great teammate. I really hope I don't sound generic or sound like I'm just trying to say the right things, I really mean that. I'm going to humble myself, learn from these vets and man, we're going to do some things," Ford said.

Now that the dust has settled Dee Ford appears to have some serious swagger.

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